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Yummy Red Fish Recipe – Cooking Red Fish In The Forest Eating Delicious

Yummy Red Fish Recipe – Cooking Red Fish In The Forest Eating Delicious.

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  1. Hahahahaha .. Survival with fish from market

  2. Bien pinches mamones falso y demas

  3. if my parents hear my chewin like tha ….they’d slap me across my face real quick 👋👋👋👋👋 like boy “ why u flappin like u eatin pussy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Damn these boys eat good!!

  5. Finally new Knife

  6. Elvis Cao - McBride PS (1377)

    Are you really lost in the the forest

  7. Recomendación
    A la hora que ellos comen bajar el volumen jajaj

  8. Red fish aren't found in lakes

  9. Giles

  10. Me deu fome agora

  11. Fucker your mout

  12. Muy falso. Los peces no son frescos no los pescaron ahí.

  13. Tomorrow when u guys go back to the supermarket u guys need to buy a cutting board too

  14. Don't add music.

  15. Tem nada de primitivo ali. Tá tudo moderno olha essa frigideira

  16. Poukhuan Sam Pamei

    I like your channel and contents but stop acting like you got that fish and shark (from the previous video) from that yellow river. That irritates me

  17. lying is not a survivel channel, animals also buy not take from the wild

  18. Parto Leoneuz Diaz

    Cheff,not survival😂😂😂

  19. Parto Leoneuz Diaz

    Survival ape camping ?
    Udeh ada penggorengan. 😂😂

  20. Mira que son puercos comiendo,vaya par de simios

  21. Chino de mierda esos peces son pargos,son peces de mar,nos tomas por tonto y el tonto eres tú simio.

  22. Super tesst

  23. wow new video comes with new knife 😅👍🏻

  24. Hamza Dahdohأغاني روعه بهاء الغالي

    ياكلو سم شو هالصوت يلي بيطالعو وقت الأكل صوت مقرف يععع

  25. مبروك الحلاقة نعيما

  26. Ek bar Sap khao

  27. Ikan Talapia 😋😋😋

  28. Сергей Горбунов

    Задолбали чавкать!!!!!!!!!!:)

  29. they brought the fish's from home n showing us they caught from river site neway Good to watch their tricks of primitive technology cooking terms. thank you bros

  30. Like you cooking ❤️ nice fish 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


  32. Fresh water snapper??? 😂😂😂

  33. Saya suka channel kamu 🇮🇩(i like your channel 🇮🇩)

  34. Madarchood

  35. That intro with the elephant and the tiger came from far cry 4 btw

  36. Ciiiieeee tempat penggorengan baru ni..

  37. How does the wood treat you?

  38. So how was 🍔 king? Mick d$$ssss?

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