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Workout & Exercise Tips for Men Over 40 – Boost T and Get Ripped Abs

Men over 40 need to do things differently in order to get the results they want. Find out what exercise to do in your workouts to help boost T levels, gain muscle and get the ripped abs your neighbor doesn’t have.

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  1. that was good and looks doable … thanks!!

  2. Courage fitness and lifestyle

    You don't use it you lose it, Does not matter the age.

  3. Eggs are the worst… or dairy

  4. I'm a regular guy. I can't afford a Dr visit and all that shit. they will find a way to squeeze money out of you. got to be another way. how did old school do it.

  5. Whats your opinion about P.E.D.'s in addition to Nutrition, Exercise, etc.,etc….?

  6. I'm 50 and well trained…even girls in their 20ies are flirting with me… 😉

  7. robert weissberg

    The guy is a complete idiot

  8. What about working out on a empty stomach? Screw breakfast.

  9. You can get best workout for 10 dollars, just look on Unflexal website.

  10. Hey Guys, great vid, thanks for the upload. I am a 42 year old ectomorph so gaining has always been hard for me. I also surf and all the programmes I've followed for surf fitness recommend lighter weights for c. 12 reps. I also mix it up with bodyweight exercises and some yoga. Do you think this is good for my T levels or can I throw in a month of heavier lifting every 1/4 year for example?

  11. Good reminders here. I may need to change my exercise template yet again, as lately I've been going to low weight, high reps (especially for squats). I did do some deadlifts just over 200 this morning – need to up the weight on those, too.

  12. Thanks for the giveaway on Facebook and for these great videos!

  13. I had my testosterone checked but he said how do I know if it is to low because everyone's testosterone levels are different. If you feel low energy then I would say get a supplement and get to the gym

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