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Work Out: Dance to Burn Fat | Danielle Peazer

Dance workouts are a great way to tone your body whilst getting your cardio too. Danielle Peazer is a professional dancer so her dance workouts are the best!

The gorgeous Danielle Peazer is back with an amazing cardio dance workout. This routine is designed to make you sweat… Prepare to work hard with this one!

This dance routine is suitable for beginners. So grab some friends, dance along with Danielle, and get yourself fit for summer.

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Links in this video…
Hip hop workout: http://bit.ly/1FrPNhp
Sportswear lookbook: http://bit.ly/1D8WhAi
Watch the channel trailer: http://bit.ly/1DgfaWE

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. The following exercise program may result in injury. Before attempting a new exercise, consider issues including your flexibility, strength and overall health. Consult a fitness expert before attempting the program. If at any point during the program you begin to feel physical discomfort, stop immediately and consult a physician. Endemol is not responsible for any injuries you sustain from participating in this exercise program.

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  1. Briana Ruppell

    I’m actually not that tired then I thought I would be

  2. Me doing this, and going to dance every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, And Saturday is amazing

  3. … feel…

  4. Victoria Oriente

    I did this yesterday woke up the next day with my legs incredibly sore and its so hard to stand up straight and walk, not the workout for me. Did this happen to anyone else?

  5. I tried this routine and it really made me sweat. I'm going to be doing this dance every morning.

  6. very helpful video…thanks dear

  7. That's great but how to lose your thigh in just one day

  8. The Awesome Catz

    Is this Heaven?

  9. Wooow🦋good luck😎

  10. hey i love your exercise cuz every exercise i just dont like it but this exercise feels like am dancing like hip hop and it make me happy thx>

  11. will it make me grow taller?


  13. Sonnika Venter


  14. This is actually so fun. Though it's tiring because it has tons of jumping

  15. Music Obsessed

    Haven’t seen Danielle in like 5 years omg yes queen

  16. Best one I've found so far

  17. Rakiah Kellahan

    I’m so excited to start this routine, I need to get fit because I need to run 2ks for school and I can’t even do 400 meters!

  18. Recently I researched “fetching tuti space” and found the results interesting so I tried it. Adhering to this particular diet program provided me with rapid results in weight reduction. I`ve lost 20 pounds in 3 months and intend to drop another 10 lbs, which I believe I can achieve. I attained success even with a week of consuming a substantial amount of oily foods many times a day.

  19. Jelyn Encarnacion

    youre liams'

  20. Susanna Banana

    This looks like fun! I'm really going to try this!

  21. 6th day😁

  22. Love the exercise

  23. 2 days done….i love this excersice ,it make my whole body work ! I didnt see any progress yet but i might give update !
    Hope i dont choke out on my breath😫😫😛

  24. When u wakeup in morning

  25. I expected to see many 1D Liam comments but nope and Im proud

  26. how many calories do you burn when you do this 4 times

  27. 4th day😅

  28. I'm gonna try this & tell y'all results!

  29. did this earlier today and 8 hrslater doing again. feel like it's working coz it's sweating. wooh. 14 days to go!

  30. Omg i did this and when i looked at my belly it looked flatter!!!! Love this dance going to do it everyday thx!!!

  31. Alina Sandjieva

    Is that really helpful for your belly?

  32. It's my 3rd day……😣

  33. narutosbelievin

    Danielle Peazer…I thought the name sounded familiar and remembered that she used to date Liam! I hope you're doing well Danielle! I was always rooting for you! ^^ I wish you the best girl!

  34. ive been doing this everyday while strength training my abs and butt, and it literlaly makes a HUGEEE difference. This is the perfect cardio workout.

  35. thank you so much

  36. Today, I'm so proud of myself. A year ago, this workout was my first attempt to try and work out. It was the hardest thing I've ever done😂 After a year of running, working out by myself at home 3 times a week, I have finally managed to do this work out without wanting to stop and faint. I'm so proud of myself. Danielle, thank you for saying: "keep pushing". I pushed myself and I did it! 💕
    P.S. I'm writing this trying not to drop any sweat on my phone😂

  37. I can't believe I'm watching this for whole 9+ minutes even without moving my any body part except my hand and mouth😂 this was fun watching u girl….. I'm gonna start this from tomorrow. But now I'm gonna finish my cake first😂

  38. I’m used to doing cardio exercises so I didn’t feel too tired after the 10 min. workout, so I did 2 reps. Will be updating about any progress or toning in my body by doing 2 reps everyday.

  39. Im doing this with EXO songs as background music. Hehehe

  40. Gonna give this ago tomorrow. Pretty sure I'll pass out halfway through, but gotta start somewhere I guess 💪🏻

  41. Good looking girl

  42. this is way more tiring than it looks. too much jumpings and too little breaks…I kept praying that the march is coming again lol so I can get a breather 😀

  43. So… when does the dance start?…

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