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WHAT’S IN MY FRIDGE? | Healthy Food for Weight Loss

What’s in my FRIDGE – What to Eat to LOSE WEIGHT + Weight Loss Motivation! I take you on a full tour of my fridge & freezer to give you ideas on healthy food for weight loss!
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  1. Can you tell us where you buy everything.

  2. We need more what I eat in a day videos please.

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  4. Debora silva write

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  5. Thanks for always sharing with us!

  6. YesMichelleloves

    Thank you Amy, for those of us that are in the states what is the stuff in the tub you kept saying was bascal light? Thanks Shelly

  7. So awesome! I LOVE your cheese drawer…cheese is life! And so are eggs!

  8. This is such a neat video . Thanks for sharing what foods are in your fridge ..

  9. Really enjoyed and will take some tips!

  10. I need to know where that bikini is from

  11. You are very inspirational. I love watching your videos 😀

  12. Thanks so much!! I think you should do an updated "how i lost all the weight" video. You said you were stuck at your weight for a few months, so maybe you could share all the new tricks you learned to drop the weight after your "platteau"

  13. It's cool, everything is not disgusting looking. It looks like regular at home cooking like most of our fridges and meals.

  14. Can you do a video on your Greek yogurt frozen bars please!!

  15. please make the frozen yogurt treats…look delish

  16. Kourtney Kampanellas

    Yasssss girl! What would you suggest to someone like me who literally gags at the sight of eggs ?? I wish I liked them for protein but everytime I eat them it's not good 😂💕. Thanks babe keep up the amazing vlogs!

  17. You love your cheese lol

  18. I think you need a bigger fridge. Lol! Idk why but I like seeing inside fridges and watching grocery hauls. Idk…. Some weird satisfaction of seeing how other people eat/live. Could also be that I love food so much that I don't want to miss out on possibilities. #WhoKnows

  19. OMG yes I know what you mean! It's like you get lucky to find a fresh bag of green grapes hahaha!! Great video babe

  20. This bikini! This thing is talking to me!😍😍😌

  21. Thanks for sharing good healthy eating💕

  22. StarofSunshine93

    Nice! I know the greek yogurt thing was simple, but you should include it in your next vlog on how you make them! It looks super yummy, and I love your vlogs sooo….yeah haha!

  23. I like this. You eat normal and you maintain your shape. Basically you don't eat too many processed food so that's the key. I can't get turkey bacon at all where I live in NS, it's crazy.

  24. if the avos are hard keep them out to become soft enough to eat, once they are soft keep them in the fridge

  25. Yasssss! I had no good videos to watch and that's when you uploaded 😍

  26. Thank you for all u do to help and motivate.

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