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What I Eat in a Day | Healthy & Quick Recipe Ideas + Meal Prep!

Hey girls! Today I’m sharing what I eat in a day! For sure one of the questions I get asked the most. There’s tons of easy healthy recipe ideas I know you’re going to love! This is an average day for me (sometimes more / sometimes less) but hopefully it helps inspire you! Meals like these are what helped me lose weight & keep it off. The entire recipe book and meal plan are linked below if you want even more deliciousness!

Guiltless Nutrition Lifestyle & Recipe Book! https://goo.gl/gbkvFw
Guiltless Nutrition Book + 4 Week Meal Plan: https://goo.gl/Wg7bK4
Vital Proteins Coffee Creamer http://tracking.vitalproteins.com/aff_c?offer_id=80&aff_id=5194
Ello Smoothie Cup http://amzn.to/2Ag1lKR

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  1. Hi, I do not own or use a microwave. Can I still make the pancakes in a pan on the stove?

  2. Jacen Starhunter

    Great Video Enjoyed!👍👍💯

  3. I did your workout on pop sugar, so I came over to see your channel. I am a vegan, so my diet doesn't look like yours, but I like that you had fairly few animal products and tons of good plant foods in your diet. I also like that you show your viewers that eating fat is okay. Coconut, nut butters, olives, chia, flax…plant fats are so important for hormone health, especially for women. So thanks 🙂

  4. Hey Katie, I'm so happy I spotted your workout videos & love them. I also checked out this video, What I eat in a day. Thanks so much 4 sharing your routine on eating healthy.

  5. Love topping my pancakes with microwaved fresh fruit instead of syrup! Great meal ideas!!

  6. I just found out that you have hypothyroidism and I have it too! Subscribing 🙂

  7. We need most easy exercise….coz I'm already obese…n can't move dat much…plzz help

  8. I just bumped into this video and wow you're so amazing! Another subscriber here for you. Hope to see more videos! 🙂

  9. Georgia Norton

    the perfect smoothie cut ever

  10. Michelle Ducharme

    You are so cute! I eat very similarly, Love it!

  11. How young are you ? Trying to find a Star my age on here 😉 thx

  12. This is such a great video. I personally would like to see more videos like this.

  13. katarina leigh

    i just busted out laughing at the toast coming out of the toaster in the middle of class

  14. Oh and do you think it matters whether you use the Maca capsules vs in the powder form?

  15. Did you still take Maca Powder? I have an autoimmune disease and low functioning thyroid. I’ve heard mixed reviews some people said it made them gain weight and others lose weight. Did you notice anything with this? Please help because I tried it once and it made me feel good in every other way. ❤️

  16. How can you freaking eat raw eggs

  17. I'm so curious how old she is..Ik it's random lol

  18. Carly Montgomery

    Does anyone know her Snapchat?

  19. Life with Janie

    Can I substitute the coconut flour with almond flour? I purchased your guiltless guide and noticed you use a lot of coconut, I personally don’t like coconut myself :/ I wish you would add a list of guiltless substitutes! Thanks anyway I tried it with the almond flour and it it delicious! just not sure how many more cals it adds 🙁

  20. Nazish Hussain


  21. Shannon Johnson

    I need to try the pancakes! I love your French Toast!

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