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WEIRD WEIGHT LOSS HACKS That Actually Work! Real Ways To Be Healthy!

Weight Loss Hacks, Real Ways To Be Healthy, Weird Weight Loss Hacks, More about how to be healthy and not just how to lose weight fast! Weird Life Hacks Everyone Needs To Know!


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Hey Everyone! In todays video I’m showing you healthy life hacks or weight loss hacks! This is more than just how to lose weight fast or how to lose weight fast and easy without exercising! It is more about hacks to help you life a healthy lifestyle and help you lose weight in a safe way:) So I show you how to lose weight and some get fit motivation that are life hacks everyone should know to help stay healthy!


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  1. 😍😍😍😍😍

  2. b3_fancy !!!!!!!!!!!!

    where do you get the tea from

  3. This video has good advice, but I'm confused about the best diet plan which i should work with, only because I have never used any. Anyone tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have heard several people talk about extraordinary things about Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  4. daammnn those chopsticks tho where they from love u putting my motivation up any other tips to get abs I'm only 14 but want to get really fit thanks  love ux

  5. love the color of your eyes

  6. I read many great reviews on the net about
    how exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan (google search it) can assist you lost
    crazy amounts of weight. Has anyone tried using this popular diet plan?

  7. GIGI Loves Makeup! XO

    Great Video Liv. Thanks so much. I am really enjoying them. I am writing down all of your tips.😘

  8. ɷɷɷ Heeeeyyy Friendsss I Have Foundddd Great Guideee On Weight Lose visittt : – https://t.co/RkimvERgNS

  9. Where's you get those chopsticks?!

  10. You started talking and I instantly liked you.I'm subscribing! 😊

  11. mandy van 't veer

    I… Need… Those… CHOPSTTIIICKSS

  12. your ideas are really greattt but one huge problem: i use chopsticks extremely well ugh

  13. To make it you have to create it

    i love ur eyes they r beautiful

  14. What editing app you use?

  15. Your hacks are really helpful

  16. great video. im definitel gonna follow these tips

  17. Thank you! I was really hungry earlier and then I drank water then I was fine <3

  18. do for fitness videos

  19. It doesn't work at all

  20. 500th liked yay!!

  21. I'm Chinese I eat fast while using chopsticks too

  22. Very good ideas! Thank you! Summer is the perfect time to start focusing on your health! ☀️☀️

  23. Never heard that about the pureh tea stuff I like the chocolate one by numi!

  24. Great tips! I tried AVC in the mornings, I gave up on morning 2. I couldn't do it because I dread it so much! Then a fruit fly landed in it when I forgot to cap it for the day and I gave up lol 😂

  25. Those chopsticks are amazing!!

  26. Finally a real how to lose weight video☺️

  27. Gabriela Petrovič

    you ppl shoudnt search how to lose weith but to be healthy

  28. Love how this is hacks not like lose weight fast. Also how it was more about health than size. Great job!

  29. This video is awesome! 💕

  30. Hugrún Ósk Hákonardóttir

    Ah omg your eyes are goals

  31. you have always good idea

  32. Loved this love!! ps your body in the thumbnail!! BOMB!


  34. I need this 😂😂 I can't even remember the last time I worked out oh God

  35. Great tips Liv! I could never do bullet proof coffee though haha.

  36. I always forget that you don't have like 500,000 subs! the quality of your videos is just so amazing that I automatically think that xD. much love to you liv!

  37. Fruit is so expensive 😔

  38. When you said "hydrate before you caffeinate" it made me think of Cambria Joy. She says that all the time. Love the chop sticks 😀

  39. Thanks for posting this video! Whats the song played before the intro? Loved it!

  40. Joëlle Kreienbühl

    It would be very nice to see some hacks for a "healthy weight gain" or some good food ideas for that 😊 I love your videos!

  41. omg Liv you followed us on Instagram and I fangirled so much lol I'm obsessed with your channel!❤️

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