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Weight Watchers Smart Points Recipe – 2 Point Yummy Apple Dessert

This Weight Watchers Smart Points apple dessert is quick and easy and only 2 Smart Points! It becomes 3 Smart Points if you add an additional two graham crackers.

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  1. Tried it! Loved it! Will definitely do it again!… Only I substituted the Cool Whip, didn't have any, used some vanilla fat-free yogurt . still very good.

  2. this is delish! Thanks!

  3. I'm going to try this

  4. Okay, yummy. Thanks for sharing 😄👍

  5. Way to go, ladies! Thanks for the idea!

  6. jennifer bonvillain

    Hey I really want to try this but can i use chocolate Graham crackers. Thats all I have at the moment

  7. Chloe Benson Beauty Boxes


  8. pamela maciejewski

    I bought the honey maid graham crackers and I even found the low fat kind which I thought would be even better but they are coming up as 5 sp for 2 graham crackers which is 1 serving – I don't understand why yours are 1 sp and mine are coming up as 5

  9. look yummy .I can't wait to try.thank you.love your videos

  10. Fit2LuvME with Love Fuller

    Sitting here on a Saturday afternoon relaxing and getting caught up on your videos. As I get ready to sit down, I'm thinking about what I can eat for a low number of points. This video came right on time – thanks!!

  11. Just made this and it was great! My graham crackers were 3 SP for 1 and 5 for 2 so wasn't willing to get that many extra points. I'm going to look for the ones like you have.

  12. lol I love this video gotta add some humor, humor makes it fun, this is an awesome idea for desert

  13. I just made this! Love it. Thanks!

  14. Thank you for sharing and love the Leia buns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I say cinnamon the same way Lori, sometimes.  I bet my girls wild like this also.

  16. I totally made this and was YUM!!!!!thanks for posting it.

  17. Love the hair Lori lol =) Ugh wish we had graham crackers here, I made smores with them when I was visiting Canada lol

  18. Good idea! Will have to try this.

  19. Looks delicious.   Tfs!

  20. Em Wilson FitFam

    I wish I could give 10 likes for the hair lol

  21. Em Wilson FitFam

    Lori living the star wars hair !!
    Love this thanks for the video !! I'm so making this tonight !!

  22. My Weight Loss Journey

    That looks so good! Love that it's so easy too!

  23. Yum!! That looks delicious.

  24. That looks really good! That should take the edge off a sweet tooth for a while! By the way, how many SmartPoints are the Princess Leia Buns??!!

  25. lmao.. love you girls.. you read my mind.. i take the extra point..
    it looks delicioso.. tfs…

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