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Weight Watchers Freestyle Zero Point Cheesecake by WWPoundDropper

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Plain Jane Original Cheesecake – Recipe by WWPoundDropper
3 Eggs
3 Cups Plain Fat Free Greek Yogurt
1 small box instant sugar free/fat free cheesecake pudding flavor
1 tbsp vanilla or almond extract
3 tbsp sugar substitute (I use stevia)

In mixing bowl add eggs, sugar substitute and vanilla or almond extract and beat well. Add yogurt and dry pudding and mix well. Pour into a lightly greased pie dish or 9 inch springform pan. Bake on 350 degrees for 30 min. Chill for at least 2 hours or overnight before eating. 1/4 of this cheesecake is 1sp, 1/8 is 0 SmartPoints.

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  1. Vanessa Martinez

    Delicious recipe! I made it yesterday and I would highly recommend all my ww family give this a try


  3. Nancy Martinez Quintanilla

    It’s hard to find the cheese cake flavor jell-o 😫

  4. I will try this………thankyou!

  5. Thank you very much , its delicious

  6. I did a chocolate cheese cake using a large sugar free chocolate jello pudding mix and 3 tablespoons of Hershey's Special dark cocoa powder. It was very good and really chocolaty(sic spelling). I am going to try a caramel one if I can find caramel pudding mix and Walden Farms zero point caramel drizzle.

  7. Kim, I don't know if you will see this message, but I was watching some old videos and came across this -again. I accidentally had grabbed SF banana cream pudding. I used it to make the cheesecake. It is delicious. Can't wait to try other flavors

  8. How many grams of yogurt please or what size cup?

  9. Hi i checked the smuckers it was 3sp!!!

  10. Nice video

  11. mine came out ok but was alitte watery what did I do wrong the cheese cake was firm but water keeps coming out  is the normal

  12. Patricia Willett

    Jello pudding comes both in instant and regular. Does it make a difference? I enjoy your channel

  13. Made this today cannot wait to try it tonight for dessert

  14. *Determined 2Win*

    I was looking forward to seeing you cut into it so that I could see how firm it is. 😕 Thanks 4 posting, though.

  15. The cheese cake was excellent. Thank you
    If you have anymore recipes like this I would appreciate. It if you can send it to me. I do have a request for beef or turkey stroganoff low sodium and low free style points
    Please I'm doing so well and don't want too get bored with the same recipes. Help please.

  16. Fabulous recipe…going to try it!!

  17. This looks amazing! I will definitely make this. Since I can’t eat eggs, I will use an egg replacer (Ener-G). I will also try to make a key lime version of this cheesecake 🍈🍈🍈 Thanks for sharing this!

  18. Help! The Jello pudding sugar free, fat free cheesecake comes up as 4 points a box on my WW app….????

  19. CelesteLoveHeart

    Looks delicious 😋

  20. Need to try cheesecake looks yummy

  21. Love this!!! I've made lemon, chocolate, mocha & regular cheesecake flavor!!! yummmmmyyy

  22. Update to my prior comments – I've made this three times now and the modification that we love is to separate the eggs. Whip the whites until fluffy/stiff peaks as usual. Use the yolks with the vanilla and the rest of the recipe. After adding the yogurt and cheesecake pudding, mix well with a whisk and then FOLD IN the whipped whites. Use a spatula or large plastic spoon to fold in until blended. This comes out much higher and we love it / we add non fat RediWhip and fresh fruit!

  23. How much does 3 cups of yogurt weight on the scale?

  24. That cheesecake looks Yummy! 🙂

  25. do you have to add the additional sweetener?

  26. I'm amazed at this!

  27. Patricia Ringelstetter

    Has anyone done in Instant Pot?

  28. How is it zero when sugar free pudding has point s

  29. Made it today. I thought a Tablespoon of vanilla extract was a lot so I only used a teaspoon. Used a whisk to beat the eggs and to blend the other ingredients. Baked it in a tube pan and it came out great! Topped with whipped topping and blueberries.


  31. this was great, nuked sugar free cherries and put them on top

  32. The only thing I find when using sweetener in baking is that when heated, it takes on an extremely odd, very bitter taste. I've tried stevia, Splenda and various other types and it always tastes nasty to me. Am I doing wrong or is there a way around it?

  33. I had to post today!! I made this awesome desert and put sugar free caramel skinny syrup on it.. a WW Flan 🍮

  34. I made this today and mine was as flat as yours. I mixed by hand and used the same size spring form pan as yours. I’m starting to think the original poster on Instagram might have doubled her recipe so she could get a good photo for her account. I haven’t tasted it yet. But it does smell good. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Will be taking the rest to work to share with coworkers who are on WW as well.

  35. That looks soooo good !!! Thank you so much !!!

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