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Weight Loss Diet Plan Working People & Students | How to Lose Weight Fast 10Kg | Fat to Fab

How to Lose Weight Fast 10Kg in 15 Days | Weight Loss Diet Plan For Working People & Students

Hello people:- Here I come with another weight loss diet plan specially for working people and students.

Morning drink:- Soaked and warm ajwein water

Breakfast:- Veg sandwich or Quinoa veg or fruits salad

mid breakfast:- Green tea+ Apple or guava or pear

Lunch:- Cold coffee or Bell peppers salad or Sprouts salad

Evening tea:- Green tea and pinch of cinnamon or with cinnamon stick+ 4 walnuts + 4 almonds

Dinner:- Steam broccoli+ tofu paneer salad or papaya or 2 slice of pineapple+ 2 mausambi

Cold coffee:-

Almond milk:-



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Take care

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  1. IA Khushbu Patodiya

    Break fast me roti le skte hai kya jo ap k channel pr hai wo ..office wale

  2. instead of quinoa salad , can i use barley dalia???

  3. How ling this plans to follow pl tel ime. In Thyroid u can do this plan n loose weight

  4. Make pre diabetic Colesroal ka diet plan

  5. Lagi Thau ki aaj Mc periidm he naa re betichodddd

  6. Very useful

  7. Do it for hostel students.. Ma'am we don't have fridge here.. plzzz help🙏🙏

  8. I want personal diet plan can u pls send me ur complete information about ur charges n other things
    My email I'd is

  9. Thanks suman ..bhot bhot help milegi for this vidio

  10. Highly requested diet plan for students

  11. Hello ma'am… I am a teacher by profession plz advice me with diet plan according to that. Plz plz i request you for that. I request you plz do rply to this comment of mine.

  12. Hi please upload weight loss diet plan for breastfeeding mother

  13. I had watched how carbs were linked with weight gain as well as generally to stay away from carbs, in spite of this had in no way never ever thought of using them to lose weight. The significant idea behind the 4 cycle weight-loss method is for you to train your system to get rid of fat for fuel instead of just carbs. It’s built around scientific inquiry into the elevated carb diet habits of the Japanese together with their excellent long life expectancy. The final results indicate that it’s their increased carb-cycling day-to-day diet approach that helps to remain in good health into old age with a low body mass index (decreased incidence of obesity).Read way more here https://truehealthreport.com/4-cycle-fat-loss-fat-burning-diet/

  14. natural beauty by pragya bihari

    di plzz jishko humesa jukam aur cuff ki prob hoti h ushko kaunsa diet follow krna chahiye

  15. can we take cold coffee from our college canteen? is it good or not?

  16. Hi mam from monday i started this diet plan i hope ill lose some weight but my target is 20kg

  17. Kyaa green tea tumbler mai carry kar sakte hai? For aftrn n evng..

  18. Instead of ajwein can i use cinnamon?
    Plzz rply

  19. Mam mera weight periods irregular ki vnah se increase hua h . Mene bhut kuch kia bt km ni ho rha plz koi diet btaie

  20. Totaly Show offfff….

  21. Too good mam

  22. I work till 9pm, what time I should have my dinner. Because after 9 when I come home I'm hungry again. Give me some idea plz. Thanks

  23. Hii ma'am…im a clg student..nd its 3pm when i return frm my clg..i feel too tired nd sleepy too..
    To kya me 2hrs ki sleep le skti hu in the noon tym..koi prvlm to nhi hoga naah??

  24. Can we follow ur diet during pragnancy..?

  25. New diet for summer
    For working people

  26. Thanks deae very nice

  27. Can we use oats in breakfast

  28. Can I eat one chapati or half bowl rice in dinner before 7PM

  29. Kuch salad k ilawa bhi bataya karo 😠

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