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Upasana Kamineni Konidela: Easy and healthy recipes for Weight loss | Pinkvilla

Upasana Kamineni-Konidela is fitness conscious and takes extreme care of her diet and workouts. We recently caught up with Upasana and asked her to share the secret recipes that she often cooks as part of her diet. Upasana revealed few recipes that worked best for her and are easy & affordable as well. Watch the video to know more.

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  1. venkata krishna Raju

    Upasanaki main job tinadam gym ki velladam..tough job

  2. Nice
    Mamm.good information 👍

  3. super healthy dishes

  4. Saroja chala bagundi

    Nice madam

  5. So healthy, please educate us more on like these kind of healthy food.i am definitely going to try bullet coffee..Thanks Upasana and Pinkvilla for this lovely recipe🤟

  6. Katikala Pavani

    This is like veeramachaneni diet plan

  7. Asma Khan Suri

    Soup seems tasty and healthy too but what you said i cant agree that organic food comes economically/less-expensive.:(

  8. Seriously? Are those called recipes? She did not cook them well. And the bhindi recipe, that's not new to any Indian women, except that she did not use salt.

  9. great receipes but sorry coffee has caffeine and it is a slow poison to our health. Also food made in microwave is damaging to health. So I do not find it completely healthy receipes except soup.

  10. Love to see you… Superb

  11. Chi…chi….chi…Avi thini bathskalsina avasaram ledhu🙏

  12. enakonda durgaprasad

    upasana madam you are great cheranjivi sister – in – law but very simple

  13. Ashwath Narayan

    It is good to see

  14. Roshna Sirisha


  15. This is Brainy dotcom

    pellalu appudu kantaruu

  16. U looking sooooooooooooooooo beautiful

  17. As much as i admire her, she'd been considered very unattractive if she was not as rich. she did took criticisms seriously and lost weight and looks better now.. but still not a beauty.

  18. sravani harsha

    Better to explain in Telugu…atleast ingredients.

  19. Satish Mamindla

    Isn't it a good idea to avoid microwave if at all possible. ? I will be making soup very often. Thanks for showing how to make it.

  20. What is that

  21. Hi Upasana Madam,
    Thank you for ur efforts. My humble request and suggestion on today’s lifestyle dieses for common public due to food habits, Especially middle class, lower middle class people like diabetic, BP , etc.. Mr. Ramakrishna Veeramachinani is proposed kieto diet and can you please focus on certified doctors and give more publicity with further evaluation…
    Also suggestions and tips on General Dieses from the Doctors and publish the YouTube video which may help general public..
    Best Regards,
    Kiren Raj

  22. Appreciate ur receipes it is very healthy and simple . Thank you

  23. I like bhandi

  24. Tech Perspective

    Hi upasana,
    I don't have any of those ingredients, but liked your health consciousness.

  25. First u tell telugu

  26. really u r awesome… inka miru healthy items makosam cheyalani korukuntunnam😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  27. Devuda ela tintarra evi. 🙏

  28. Bhendi ….. was a very good one. Bullet coffee… tastes completely different …yukkkķ

  29. Ur looking gorgeous

  30. Yashasvee Shelar

    Hiiii which type of coffee should use for bulletproof coffee & when to have it..n wat diet shud I follow for dat day

  31. First cut down the prices in ur apollo hospitals so that people can spend the money on all these things

  32. Your Wight loss recipes please

  33. sailaja mallipamula

    ur looking soo beautiful now

  34. Upasana garu.. is it instant coffee powder? Is coffee good for health?

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