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Total Body Medicine Ball Workout – Medicine Ball Exercises

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  1. Excellent apart from the crossovers, the ball hits the cealing in both my apartment and at the gym (yeah I'm fairly tall).

  2. This is insanely hard to finish with a 5kg ball

  3. This is a very good strengthing workout leaning more on the advanced side, yet durable for intermediate

  4. awesome thanks. I enjoyed that a lot.

  5. Great video .any more médecine ball video from you guys beside the short partner video with Kelly ,?great work guys

  6. muay thai ball cardenas

    Will you like combining both styles of training

  7. muay thai ball cardenas

    I live your videos

  8. Wow! Did in hotel gym. Had medicine ball!

  9. awesome workout👍 What pound medicine ball did you use?

  10. awesome workout. part of my weekly repertoire

  11. wow Daniel, What size MB did you use. I have a 10lb and almost died.. omg.. that was really challenging… but will add to my workout… whew!!! is the word for the day👍

  12. please do more workouts with kettlebells and medicine balls

  13. Woohoo! Workout complete 🙂

  14. Would like to see more medicine ball workouts from you guys! 🙂

  15. how offen this exercises is best to do?

  16. كرار الموسوي

    كلهه نكليزي

  17. Great workout. I love my medicine ball and I'm always looking for new workouts.

    I only made two modifications to this workout that I also recommend for anyone that is older and a little out of shape:

    On the squats I hold the ball tightly against my stomach (just below the solar plexus) instead of thrusting it forward. This workout already has a lot of shoulder involvement so I focus on legs with this one.

    On the pushups I go from my knees, not my toes, and and don't go as deep because of my shoulder joints.

  18. Nice thank you.. Using this for my class.

  19. Alberto Hernandez

    how many times a week?

  20. I'm not going to do it with the video
    Can you put the list in yhe description.

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