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Toning and Weight Loss Boot Camp – Total Body Workout Routine for Fast Results

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  1. M love this workout.. Thnx fitness blender. And m gonna try it from tomorrow onwards

  2. How many calories on average do you suppose this workout burned? 300?

  3. Add music please

  4. 191217

  5. 51117

  6. there are some definite sleepers in this video. I'm in reasonably good shape but this kicked my ass for some reason. I loved it! 😀

  7. 270817

  8. Now I've got my breath back… That was tough. I feel a bit disappointed as I could only manage 2 rounds, then again, it was probably one of your hardest workouts. Before I try this one next time I'm going to have to write my will out first… just in case. Workout over.

  9. 090717

  10. Ariane Duval-Godbout

    Never been so happy reaching the end of a video!! This was the hardest video i did from fitness blender. I will surely do it again to reach a point where i won't have to pause that many times! Thank you @fitnessblender!

  11. 280517

  12. Palasha Sardesai

    This has got to be the hardest one I've tried here…that! Or my endurance is decreasing. I had to take breaks after every move😅😓

  13. 090417

  14. 04.03.17

  15. this is kicking my butt😭😳😪😩😫😖

  16. 150117

  17. 041216 workout complete

  18. Tani Boo Boo Kitty Jones

    My legs are burning and my heart is racing. Great workout.

  19. Oh my god. I just started your workouts and having some trouble. I think I hate HIIT. I brought down the reps on each of these to 10, but even so by the 2nd round I actually started crying. This is so frustrating. I don't find this fun, I hurt horribly the next day, and they're brutal. What do you all do to make this more rewarding? I love running and yoga and would love to incorporate these workouts because they're so obviously good for you…but I wonder if there's a way to enjoy them a bit more.

  20. 301016 workout complete

  21. Butt kicker hopsis nothing to play with. My 3rd round was kinda gibberish but as long as you moving right? They need to incorporate some of the movements in this workout into their newer ones. Workout Complete. 10.10.2016 – 5.01am.

  22. 240916 workout complete

  23. Been working out with you guys for 9 months, don't tend to do the older workouts…what the heck was this?! this was harder than HIIT! good grief, I'm dying!

  24. oh gosh! i couldn't finish the round 3, not bad next time i will!

  25. so do you tone, lose fat and  lose weight too?

  26. bittersweetcoffee5

    After the second round I thought it was almost done but then I see there was a third round 😮 But finished the workout and now ready to start the day! (those butt kicker hops though were really butt kickers!)

  27. Angelique Franklin

    OMG THIS WORKOUT KILLS ME EVERYTIME, BUT LOVE HOW EACH TIME I GET THAT LITTLE BIT FASTER AND GO FOR A LITTLE BIT LONGER! you guys are great have been doing your youtube workouts for a month now and i'm feeling and looking great!

  28. this was definately a 5!!

  29. on average how many calories do you think this burns?


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