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Toned Arms Workout

When you feel that burn in your arms you know you are getting a good workout. Today on XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you that you don’t need to “do over a thousand” reps like Ron Burgundy to get a “deep burn.” Grab your dumbbells and get ready to get an upper body pump! You stay classy, YouTubers!

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  1. setornam dakudzi

    How much weight do I need to use( dumbbells)

  2. I love her videos,especially this one,i do it three times a week,and it does change my arms,i can definitely see result!

  3. It's a beautiful place.

  4. It is OK with 10 pounds? ??.
    I want tone my arms

  5. How many pounds are those ?

  6. Hi Rebecca Louise. I love your workouts! They are brief and to the point. Very efficient use of time, I really appreciate you. Thank you!

  7. how many weight should we hold to get massive results in tonning those arms ! my arms are flabby from losing too much weight and I don't want them to be huge by using heavier weights ! I just want them to be tonned, losing fat and slimmer! I do these exercises with 2kgs but there is only one I use with it 5kgs
    what do you recommend ?! I'm afraid that if I had used heavier weights I'll get arms like man hugs and all mucles 😂

  8. Fusion Fitness

    Simple, but worth it! Thanks for sharing

  9. Good workout, I used 5 and 8 lbs the first go around and then after I knew what to expect went up to 8 and 10lb weights. Thanks for the video !!!

  10. rhodablanca tagalog

    Rebbeca, i just want to let you know how grateful i am for ALL you videos.

  11. Love it! Thank you 🙂

  12. Is this something I should do every day since its so short, or should I do it every other day to let the muscles heal?

  13. chelsearoses22

    Is there a good time frame when using dumb bells or weights before upgrading to the next size weight?

  14. jesus this is hard and i only got 4kg weights

  15. Zenobia Beckley

    Loved your videos the speed is perfect 💋😍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. 1likestoplaymusic

    Hi, Rebecca. I was wondering if this video on its own is a good workout for arms in a day? I was looking for it on your website but it wasn't with the other arm workouts. Or maybe it was, and I missed it?

  17. Christine Mafera

    Is this something you do every day or every other day?

  18. really it's greatly exercise 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💜

  19. Rvenomic P Skull Hamartia

    hey there i recently found your channel and its really interesting i really want to lose underarm fat but im using a 7kg dumbbell is that okay?

  20. Love that you do the exercises slowly – a lot of YouTubers rush everything, and for an oldie like me I can't perform it properly unless it's a nice, slow pace.

  21. How many times do you do it a day

  22. Michael and Galia Pullella

    To all those whinging below about the camera angles – please just shut up. They show the exercise from different angles and help with correct form. I get annoyed with those people who feel they just simply MUST leave a comment even if it's negative just to feel important. Rebecca works very hard to help those who want to be helped – the rest if you just find another channel please

  23. Hey!! Great video! I’m just starting up a new fitness account! So if you want a quick workout or some workout tips, hope on over to my newest video for a simple and quick arm workout!!💪🏽https://youtu.be/iR3AGxhrDSU

  24. I am new to strength training and love this video. I have found that I can use heavier weights depending on the exercise. Thanks. Good instructions.

  25. Dong jin Lanthier

    Great one

  26. Which weight you are using do you advice dumbbell 4kg for these exeecises??!

  27. Michael and Galia Pullella

    Thank you Rebecca Louise 🌷 I love this workout !! I find it very relaxing 🌷🌷 I do it after another one of your arm workouts and I feel it helps with definition. I find the music very calming and now my son does it with me. 🌷🌷 my muscles had gone into hibernation for a while but now even after only a short while they are emerging again 🌷🌷 thank you – you have come into my life at a time when I really needed you. I was fighting fatigue and anxiety and you are really helping me to feel better and have more energy 💕💕 thanks – GALIA xx

  28. Awesome I did this with 3kg and 5kg and my arms are wrecked!!! Gonna do another one now thank you!!

  29. Hello .. I need to lose arm fat .. please tell me how much time it takes to lose arm fat compeletly if we are following this workout daily

  30. i kiled my self on this video hahahahahhah 🙂

  31. wow nice video…my arms was awesome thx for this video i subscibe…thx video

  32. What pound weights are the ones you are using?

  33. Charleen Martin

    I want to punch the camera guy in the face.

  34. This workout isn't easy. Try 5kg weights chicks 😂👌

  35. Gina Cianflone


  36. Hey, great channel. Check out my new UK gym tour series

  37. She is fucking hot marry me😎

  38. Hey can u tell me what's the best arms exercise for older woman (age 51) just beginning tyo gey wrinkles on front of arm just above the elbow crease BUT on the inside (not the elbow side)…

  39. KoasterKing 205

    nice rack

  40. oliver porter-smith

    Great workout

  41. Go and check her channel Rebecca Louise 🙂

  42. Segredo Para Conquista Qualquer Pessoa

    I really liked this great video.

  43. how many lbs ae those you are using?

  44. How to lose fat in arms..plz plz tell me..i want slim hands

  45. Plz mujhe btao..
    Ki is exercise se..mtlb dumble se girls k six packs to ni bante

  46. nice biceps

  47. I am 5'8 feet tall. And I am slim figure, I have trouble gaining weight and mostly I don't know why I cannot gain. I am also required to workout since been told must workout on my muscle and get toned. Can anyone please recommend tips? I tried this workout and its good for my shoulders and arms since they're kind of weak. But I started lifting from 6pounds for arms.

  48. how heavy are her weights? I did this with 2.5 kg and felt nothing

  49. Hey Rebecca, how heavy was your weight? Thanks for the awesome workout!

  50. Hasini Premalal

    Hi I m doing arm exercise for 3 months but my right arm toned more than the left arm. I can see unbalanced in my both arms. please give me a suggestion. sorry for my Bad English as I m not native in English. Thank you.

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