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Thyroid Diet For Weight Loss : How to Lose Weight Fast 10 Kgs | Thyroid Diet Plan For Hypothyroidism

Thyroid Diet Plan | How to Lose Weight Fast 10 Kgs | Thyroid Diet For Hypothyroidism | Diet Plan For Thyroid Patients | Thyroid Diet For Weight Loss | How to Lose Weight Fast 10 Kgs – Hypothyroid Meal Plan | Thyroid Treatment | Weight Loss Diet Plan For Thyroid Patient | Thyroid Diet In India | Indian Thyroid Diet Plan | Indian Diet Plan For Thyroid Patients

Thyroid Tea : https://youtu.be/H5x60ulqgW8

Complete Video :
Oats Breakfast : https://youtu.be/PjwY6JO0L08 OR
Matcha Oatmeal : https://youtu.be/K1hUHafkOR8
Quinoa Lunch : https://youtu.be/bujo2qQ7BE8
Evening Chia : https://youtu.be/pKjK5hy86E8 &
Green Tea : https://youtu.be/x3MS1Ioq_a0
Dinner Chickpea : https://youtu.be/_FTVmmcSIM8

Health Benefits & Side Effects of Sunflower Seeds : https://youtu.be/T__2NKpcMq4

Points :

Go 100% Gluten Free – Have Quinoa, Buckwheat
Nuts are a must – Brazil, Macadamia & Hazelnuts
Eat Non-Starchy Vegetables like Swiss Chard Garlic & Mushrooms
Nut, Nut Butter, Hummus, Quinoa, Fish, Chicken, Legumes & Good Fats like Olive oil, Clarified Butter etc are good for your health.
Flax Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds & Sesame Seeds are good. Incorporate them in your diet.
Say NO to all grains including wheat, refined flour etc
No Broccoli, Cauliflower & Cabbage
Add salt wherever necessary
Have Fresh Fruits like Berries – Blueberry, Strawberry etc
Have good 8 hours sleep
Invest in an Essential Oil Diffuser

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  1. I have been struggling a lot with weight loss… I am obese. It took a long time for me to accept it in the first place. Then.. I tried various gym and diet plans. It had never worked. For a year and a half-hour I did swimming and had only liquid diet. Absolutely no weight loss. I have thyroid. I read books. But couldn't find any diet/ exercise regime that worked for me. In November 2017, I came across your channel. I read reviews and comments on your videos. I was very impressed by them. I started following your thyroid diet plan since Nov 24th 2017. Along with that.. In Dec I did one hour swimming. From Jan till date I have been doing zumba and pilates every alternative day. From next month am joining a gym. I have so far lost 12 kgs!!!! I can't believe it! Your diet plan is a miracle for me and I thank the day on which I found your channel!! Please keep doing what you do.. I have tried many of your recipes.. They are super easy and tasty.. Thank you so much!!! Could you also provide a few more thyroid friendly recipes? I still need to lose a loooooooot of weight… I have a loooong way to go.. But now, I have hope.. Thanks to your channel!!!

  2. Hii Vicky, I am a hypothyroid patient since yr 2000. My problem areas are hips and thighs. Would this diet plan help me lose weight in hips n thighs if I follow this religiously for two months?? Please reply so that I can follow the diet at the earliest. Thank you so much for your time and videos.

  3. Please post best and worst foods for migraine patients

  4. Can we take black tea made with unsweetened original almond milk. Please let me know. Thanks

  5. Can u pls put a diet for hyperthyroid patients sister?? Or dis works?? Pls reply…I'm a mom of 2, suffering From hyper thyroid and fatty liver ,.. cholesterol level is lil high too..pls help

  6. nagarani gangisetty

    Hi Vicky.
    Can I follow Ur egg diet plan 3 days and 4days oats plan ?
    Can't eat egg daily..

  7. geetha.dimple sahasra

    Plss make a video on hyperthyroidism as well….

  8. Can i take celluite bluster during dinner as i go intematted fasting

  9. Mam what are essential oils
    Where I can find them. ??
    Your videos are fantastic.

  10. sowmia kolanjinathan

    Hi mam, feeling blessed right at the moment for trying out this diet plan and ur channel detox teas,as a student this hypothyroidism literally pulled myself down to the level of rock bottom in terms of academics and mental health 🙁 🙁 trust me I followed my medic ' s nutrition plan without any turn back but only 2kg was reduced inspite of all my hardships phew……. , I was very depressed and didn't trust this diet plan when I was in day 1 but I felt energetic and way more productive after 3 days which excited me to stick to this diet plan and gradually it does wonders !!!!!along with this I do 45 mins of yoga and suryanamaskar ( no gym ) which lifts my mood swings n metabolism ,after exactly 3 months,I achieved a weight loss of total 11.2 kg !!!!!!! Even my doc was quite surprised and my dosage was reduced from 125mcg to 75mcg which made me in tears ….. I didn't see you as a person but I bet may the god shower upon all the blessings to u and ur family!!!! My whole family is feeling grateful beyond words 🙂 sry for such a long msg sis
    Note : I'm experiencing sinus headache lately if I eat chana with curd any substitute will be helpful for me …..love u lot!!!!!!!!

  11. ye diet k sath dry fruits aur any fruit juice ,sweet corn ye cheeze lesaktae hai kya?

  12. I have thyroid and PCOS. Which diet plan can I follow

  13. Hello Mam,plz made Indian diet plan for hypothyroid vegetarian patient

  14. Hi Vicky, need to follow Same diet plan everyday? Pls confirm.

  15. Wow Vicky I have this and Hashimoto's. I can see a lot of work went into this plan!!!

  16. Hello maam i like ur all vedios….they r exellent.. i dont trust any ones deit….i always trust u for weight loss.i am a thyroid patient i want to know can i drink flat belly drink or fat cutter tea along with thyroid meal plan

  17. Hello vicky mam..For how many days Can i continue this plan after 10 days.

  18. I will start for sure ..n will update my progress..I’m highly thankful for ur reply n suggest me my diet plan..

  19. I am starting this diet from July 12th 2018 and I will update my weight-loss. Now my weight is 88 kg.

  20. Joe many cups of green tea should I drink?

  21. Dear mam, I find ur video very helpfull. Actually I made my mind to follow diet "thyroid patient loose 10 kg in 10 day " 😰 but dear ur video daved me 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️Thanks alot, God bless u dear.
    I hv various health issue like my weight is 115 kg and i m 40 year having two daughter one is 9 year and another is just 1.6 year. My height is 5.5 inches. I m taking THYRNOM 50 mg and also hv sinus wd all d four point of sins full with mucus. For d same I m taking KANGRA HERBS HERBAL MEDICATION.
    I m busy wd house chores and didn't get time for exercise.
    Pls. Pls. 🙏 Guide me How i start d journey of weight loss, How to begin. Pls help me.
    Dear I know you r busy bt wd ur motivational talk I come out and want to loose weight pls. Reply. Badi ummid sa aap ko likh rahi hu pls. Help me. PROVIDE ME UR CONTACT DETAIL OR EMAIL ID, SO I APOROUCH U MAM.

  22. Dear mam, I m thyroid patient agr 40 an d weight 115 kg. Pls. Help, d diet plan is excellent but dear not for my pocket 😓🤦‍♀️. Pls. Share other for me. Or if I try to make space in my budget dn for how many days I need to follow ds. Pls help and REPLAY. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

  23. any alternative for prunes..?

  24. Subscribed then your video popped 🤗🤗

  25. Hi Vicky,I followed your egg plan ,I lost only 2 kilo ,then stop my weight .I have hyperthyroid ,it is reason to stop?

  26. Hi mam… plz upload indian food diet for hypothyroid… v cant afford dis n all…

  27. can we use dates instead of prunes?

  28. Hey Vicky, can you help me out about the timings to take these supplements. Purchased with the help of link you've provided but just want to make sure the timing is right. I started take all 4 together(except B Complex), no side effects but is it healthy to take them in one go?

    P.S I work in night shift.

  29. Can I become your paid patient

  30. Sneha Rajeshmulchandani

    How can we meet you in person.A big Fan of yours

  31. Can I 've badam.walnuts pl reply

  32. Sneha Rajeshmulchandani

    Please ma'am if you could mention the quantity to be eaten for all your recipes.

  33. Dr. Bishwanath Jha

    Hi, Vicky! I am 57 male, working in office forced to sit from 9 to 6. My weight is 125 kg. Suffering from Hypertension, Hypo Thyroid, Diabetes and High cholesterol. I am on medication for all these and with the help of medicine parameters are under control. Recently Shaw your videos on You tube. Got inspired for weight loss. Started to follow specially the diet plan given for Thyroid patients. Following since 3 days and getting excellent results. But it has been advised to follow this meal plan for 10 days only. I want to know that how long I continue this meal plan? Kindly enlighten me and oblige.

  34. Hi dear..
    I am suffering from hyperthyroid and obesity and now getting worst everyday with negative thoughts..
    I m not able to get gluren free oats ..is there anyother diet plan or substitute for gluten free oats n quinoa flakes??

  35. Hi Vicky..Your videos are very informative and helpful..thanks!! I wanted to understand the role of fruits in the above diet plan..Please help to when should they be incorporated during the day

  36. can flax seed be replaced by sesame seed?? I can't find flax seed 😞

  37. I'm in love 😍 with your voice.

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