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This Cream With Only 5 Ingredients Can Help You Lose Up To 5 Pounds In A Week

Obesity seems to have caught up with every country in this world. The rate at which it is becoming more and more common, especially among children, is outright scary and also disturbing. Blame it on our sedentary lifestyle, or on the amount of junk food that we’re consuming on a daily basis, it seems like obesity is here to stay and also haunt us.

The thing with obesity is that it comes with many other problems along with it. Right from diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, and even bone and skeletal issues, all of these creep into our lives if obesity has managed to put a foot through the door (1). And like they say, once it has entered our lives, it just refuses to leave. Like an unwelcome guest, it not only overstays its welcome, it also brings a host of other unwanted guests along with it.

unwanted guests along with it.


There are many ways in which obesity can and should be battled, but we all know that at some point, we have all wanted to just give up because it is so difficult to get rid of. After all, fat is so annoyingly stubborn! And we all know that there are no magic solutions to this. Hard work and dedication are the only two ways in which obesity can be fought and defeated. Also, changing the way we lead our lives and watching what we put on our plates (and subsequently in our mouths and bodies) also makes a huge difference in ensuring that obesity doesn’t stick around. Only exercise or only watching what we eat doesn’t help. Both need to go hand in hand and need to be coordinated, so that we can reap the best benefits out of it (2), (3).

Nowadays, a lot of diets have come into the picture, many of which promise a drastic loss of weight in a short period of time sans any form of severe exercise. One of them is the Paleo diet. Just like it sounds, it refers to the kind of diet that humans would have had during the Paleolithic era, when grains weren’t that popular (perhaps even non-existent in the human diet), and only raw fruits and meat was consumed (4).

order to burn so many calories accordingly


The Paleo diet apparently puts the body back into its original state, which is lots of muscles and almost zero fat. However, one thing to be kept in mind is that the people of the Paleolithic age also had a very physically demanding lifestyle and were always on the move, hunting and gathering. So, it would probably make more sense if instead of just altering the diet, one could also alter their lifestyle in order to burn so many calories accordingly.

Another diet which seems to have taken the world by storm is the ketogenic diet. Everyone seems to be doing it and also getting results when measuring themselves on the weighing scale. And the best thing? On this diet, one can eat all kinds of fats – cheese, butter, and so on. In fact, they are encouraged to consume fat but avoid all kinds of carbs. Sugar and other junk food is also a big no-no. This apparently sends the body into ketosis mode, where the body starts burning fat instead of carbs to get energy, thereby reducing the amount of fat in the body, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

ultimately leads to weight loss


But there are doctors who are totally against this diet and who believe that this diet sends the body’s balance into a tizzy, producing long-term ill-effects on the body’s metabolism as a whole. They say that this diet was actually introduced to patients with epilepsy, and they showed a positive response to the medicines administered to them when on this diet (5).

Even over-exercising is known to be harmful, and we have seen cases where over-exertion has led to really serious after-effects, including heart failure and sudden death (6). Thus, it is advisable to do everything in moderation and under medical or expert supervision.

They also say that there are ways in which particular areas of the body can be targeted for fat burning. One such way is the use of topical creams that speed up the process of burning fat, thus helping you lose fat in those localized problem areas.

You’ll need these following ingredients


Here’s a five-ingredient fat burning cream that you can make with ingredients easily found right in your home. You’ll need these following ingredients:

  • Coffee x 1 tbsp.
  • Camphor x 1 tbsp.
  • Vicks VapoRub x 1 tbsp.
  • Baking soda x 1 tbsp.
  • Alcohol x 1 tbsp.

Just mix all of these together till its consistency becomes paste-like. Rub this cream on to the problem areas two times a day, and you’ll be surprised by what you see! If you do not want to keep rubbing it into your skin, you can also apply a thick paste over the problem area and cover it with a plastic wrap. This too helps in burning fats at targeted areas.

What do you think of the ideas suggested in this article? Would you try any of these for weight loss? Let us know in the comments below!

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