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The Ultimate MALAYSIAN Healthy Food Swaps | Eat This. Not That. | Joanna Soh

♥ My country, Malaysia is currently the FATTEST country in South East Asia. It’s sad! Most of us aren’t aware of how bad a food can be for us because we are used to eating this way. Or perhaps we just don’t care!
♥ Let’s stop this OBESITY epidemic worldwide and look at how we can make healthier food choices and still enjoy our local dishes when eating out.
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Here’s my take on Malaysian Healthy Food Swaps:
1) Fried Rice vs Economy Rice
2) Roti Canai vs Thosai
3) Nasi Lemak vs Nasi Kerabu
4) Fried Chicken vs Tandoori Chicken
5) Curry Noodles vs Clear Broth Noodles
6) Fried Popiah vs Seaweed Popiah
7) Pasembur vs Fruit Salad
8) Briyani Rice vs White Rice
9) Mixed Rice + Side Dishes
10) Banana Fritters vs Banana
11) Curry Puff vs Sweet Potato
12) Teh Tarik vs Teh O
13) White Coffee vs Coffee O

All these food swaps may seem difficult to begin with. But as we become more conscious of our eating habits and practice making better choices, you’ll start to notice the different on your body, your energy level and you will be saving yourself from all the diseases.

We are what we eat. We CAN make a difference today and that starts with each and every one of us. How are you making better food choices today? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. very good😊😊😊

  2. Watson Yek Wah Sheng

    If it's delicious, is probably packed with loads of sugar and oils. If it isn't delicious, is either it is healthy food, or the cook is amateur.

  3. I'm 800 liker! Hi Ms.Joanna.. can you share Malaysian swap food for gluten intolerance?Or maybe FODMAPS & Paleo Gaps Diet tips? Thank You..Happy New Year

  4. I just ate roti canai 😭

  5. im also a malaysian and i tried to do this balanced diet and thank you for the tip

  6. Thank u soo much Joana! Im Malaysian and i reaaalllyy struggle opting for healthier options especially as a uni student. Love your video and this helps ALOT.

  7. #TeamKurangManis here 🙋🏻 bcz we r already sweet so no need add much sugar in our drinks 😂 thanks for the video!💕

  8. Steamed sweet potatoes are like candy. Yum.

  9. Terima kasih 🙂 As not Malaysian I enjoy all this food without any swaps as it's just for a few days of my holiday 😉 But I will share this video between my Malaysian friends! Cheers!

  10. how about my kolo mee merah?

  11. Anggun Suci Herdayani

    Would you mind create another videos more for Malaysian snacks? I am from Indonesia and we have shared similar cuisine/recipes by culture. Am not really sure what you call it in Malaysia, but I know we have shared Kuih Bugis, Bingka Ubi, kuih lapis etc. Looking forward into it. I enjoy whole your infos shared by your channel. Thanks to keep me always healthy!^^

  12. Well love You Joannah God bless you Always

  13. Rashidah Kamaluddin

    This is very helpful! I hope you can make more videos in relation to Malaysian context like this one, maybe a full meal plan. we reaaaalllllyyyy need it! thanks Joanna!

  14. Hey dear, can you make a video on Malaysian style meal prep by using local ingredients so that it's more economical. Thanks! ❤

  15. This one's very gud video di ..really informative nd plzzz make indian food swap video too plzz it will really be a great favour frm ur side to ur indian fans …. Love u soooo much u r my fav😙😍😗😍😗😍😗😍😗😍😗😍😙😍😙😍😙😍😗😍😗😍😗😍😗😍😗😍😗

  16. I've been doing proper diet and workout for 2 years up till now and im getting a pretty satisfying result sofar. Transitioning my eating habits and lifestyle from what we usually assume as a normal habit is never been easy. The reason why i choose to transform myself is purely due to health concerns. The journey of loosing 31kg within 2 years was never been easy but i definitely enjoying the process and new knowledge that i've gain so far. It makes feels really great and i think many people out there should feel the same. I really agree that our nations need to be educated on what really contains in our foods and how we should be in an active lifestyle. This vid definitely will helps diet beginners to get the picture on how problematic their eating habbit is. Thank you joanna for the cool vid! 😘

  17. Love love love your video 😍 is so important information we need to upgrade our diet ✔

  18. yess i did i love Malaysia 😙

  19. You're almost 1 million subscribers!! So excited for you !!

  20. So many exciting new foods! I'll try out the healthy options.

  21. And what if we dont hv time to cook at home or dont have the skills? 🙁

  22. But its hard to find nasi kerabu where i live haha, i just eat what is available in my small kampung, guess thats why im overweight haha, but i am motivated everytime i watch ur videos Miss Joanna, thank you for doing what you do! I really appreciate it 🙂

  23. I came Malaysia few days ago

  24. Nitya Vyshnavi Madduluri

    Hey Joanna ☺️! Can we do the workout in 1000Cardio burn challenge daily? Would you please reply.

  25. Thank you for this video! I hope to see more videos like this on Malaysian food swaps. Everybody knows we need to exercise to speed up weight loss but most fail when it comes to choosing the healthier meal.

  26. is Belvita biscuit is a healthy choice for snack or breakfast? I need a list of healthy biscuit breakfast for a student like me. please notice me .. T^T

  27. Thank you Joanna! This video got me thinking🤔 So helpful and so easy to remember! I'll start swapping to a healthier meal and probably sacrificing some of my favorite Malaysian dishes. IT'S ALL FOR HEALTHY IT'S WORTH IT!

  28. Since my country also located in south east asia, I always wondering are there any video about food choice with food that I actually eat? Most of video about food choices in youtube were based on western or european foods. Totally unrelatable.

    And booom! Your video came. It helps me understand how many calorie I ate. <s> I become hungry after watched this video </s>
    Thanks joooanaa..

  29. Those foods make me drooling n wish to return to Penang, my old home. Hp can visit Penang for culinary tour 😍

  30. Oh terima kasih Joanna for making such informative video! And happy merdeka day to all Malaysians. #AkuAnakMalaysia

  31. Very informative.. Thanks joannah.

  32. Woww you are really great Joanna

  33. nice vids, love from Bosnia and Herzegovina

  34. thank you for your recommendation joannaaaa 😘

  35. As a Malaysian, this is really helpful!

  36. Thank you Joanna for making this video. It's extremely difficult to find English language contents on healthy and nutritious food that are easily available and don't cost a fortune in Malaysia.

  37. i want see that place yar

  38. Singaporean viewer here… I love all the 'bad food' you mentioned… But dang it! You're right… Thank you for making this video! <3 I will try my best to slowly make the healthier choice.

  39. Hi Joanna! Love your videos. I was a big time follower of yours in the past. But for the past 6 months have been living a Ketogenic lifestyle. This means I eat 75% fat 20% protein and 5% carbs. I know from your videos, you seem to be a big proponent of limiting fat. But I just want you to know that fat is not the enemy! I was 180.5 pounds in March. And as of August, I am 149 pounds and I have never looked or felt better! Fat is not the enemy. Carbohydrates are really what make you bloated. Fats do a great job at keeping you full without bloating. Unlike carbs which bloat and do not suppress hunger making it much harder to calorie restrict. FATS ALL DAY! I still love you though. Just thought you would give this a thought.

  40. Watching this while eating nasi lemak 😂

  41. Preethi Gurumurthy

    hey malaysian and Indian foods are really similar😊

  42. Thank you Joanna. You have save the day. I've been waiting for you to this kind of video.

  43. Hi jonna i like ur recipes and ur way of talking….plz share some recipe of paleo and keto food too

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