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The 4 Best Science-Based Diets To Lose The Baby Weight (PLUS MEAL PLANS WITH RECIPES)

“What should I eat to lose weight?” is the most common question I get as a dietitian and bariatric educator. Today I dive into the 4 diets (meal patterns) that have scientific evidence for sustainable weight loss.

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Each of the following diets or lifestyles: low calorie, keto, Mediterranean, plant-based and intermittent fasting create a calorie deficit. Research has shown that there is no special “fat loss formula”, but different meal patterns to create and manage a calorie deficit.

Note: This is general information not to replace individualized medical advice from a doctor or health care provider.

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  1. Great information, Jessica! Good to hear the scientific facts, rather than the hype you read in the media.

  2. Thanks Jessica, this really helps me understand the various weight management forms and now I'm looking forward to putting together a successful and healthy food plan for my continued health as I enjoy my senior years.

  3. Kristen Palynchuk

    So interesting! I am tempted to try a 'relaxed' version of Keto – after baby 🙂 Awesome video

  4. Love this Jessica, this is exactly what I needed. You are amazing!

  5. Great information!

  6. Choose the meal pattern that you enjoy the most so you can stick with it! 🙌

  7. Love it! Great job 👍

  8. Great content 👍

  9. Pregnancy and Childhood Nutrition & Workouts

    Low calorie, keto, Mediterranean, Plant-based and Intermittent Fasting 🙌

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