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6 HEALTHY Breakfast Options

Make sure to use code “BRETTFIT” for 10% off: Metabolic Boost Tea 40 Days Super Goji Blast Breakfast Options IN Order as Mentioned: 1. HEALTHY TO-GO BOX: 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs, 1 Piece Muesli Bread, Peanut Butter, Red Delicious Apples, Grapes. You guys can use any type of healthy bread, peanut/almond butter, fruit, nuts. 2.METABOLIC BOOST TEA: Drink a cup when ...

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Top 5 Chest Exercises – Rob Riches

Rob Riches, shows his full top 5 chest exercises at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, focusing on width and thickness. ►FULL CHEST WORKOUT ROUTINE SHOWN BELOW◄ → Subscribe to my channel and stay up to date with my latest videos: http://bit.ly/1kdM8RA Rob Riches Chest Workout: Flat Dumbbell Presses: 5 sets of 15,12,12,10,8 reps Decline Barbell Press: 4 sets of 12,10,10,8 ...

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Full Body Blast Workout for Weight Loss: Danielle Pascente

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Full Body Blast Workout for Weight Loss with Danielle Pascente is a supercharged, 10-minute fat-burning workout that uses an effective blend of total body-toning cardio exercise and core strengthening plyometric moves to torch calories, build muscle, activate the abdominals, increase stamina and maximize weight loss potential. Turn up the heat and test your endurance with Expert 30 Day Fat Burn ...

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