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Fast and Healthy Desserts

Say healthy and dessert in the same sentence and most people will think sugar-free blandness. The secret to healthy desserts is substituting fresh food flavors for some of the sugar and fat. Get healthy with our My Southern Health blog: http://www.mysouthernhealth.com/

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Muscle & Strength: Weight Training for Women Day 1

Train with weights for a strong, toned and sexy body! Katie Lobliner shows you a 4 day women’s weight training routine designed for ANY woman looking for RESULTS! Today Katie shows demonstrates day one of the workout (legs, back and biceps) and pre-workout nutrition. Daily Calorie Calculator – http://www.muscleandstrength.com/tools/bmr-and-daily-calorie-calculator.html

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Simple 7 Min Beginner Workout

Beginners: Do NOT go to the gym until you watch this video: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd37 Hey Sixpack-Shortcutters, What’s up! In this episode, I will be using assistance from one of my friends. Meet Bryan, who is currently a workout newbie. I’ve prepared a good little workout for individuals just like him that are complete newbies. So if you fall under this category, ...

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Lose Weight by Eating a Healthy Breakfast

Subscribe to Eating Well: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eatingwell Watch as Eating Well shows you how lose weight by eating a healthy breakfast! Eating breakfast regularly will allow you to lose weight quicker and be leaner over time than non-breakfast eaters. You can start a weight loss breakfast plan using just a few of these healthy breakfast ideas. Oatmeal is a great option for ...

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Easy Healthy Asian Fruit & Veggie Snacks (Lose Weight Recipes)

Hi my lovelies, this is a continuation from my previous video, “Healthy Oriental Meal Plan”. Here, I’ll be sharing with you 2 of my favourite oriental snacks – Vietnamese Veggie Spring Rolls and Thai Fruit Salad to complete the meal plan. These recipes are extremely easy to make and there’s no cooking required. They are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free! ...

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