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Back to school! Let’s get our healthy breakfast’s ready for our kids and ourselves. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! In this busy day and age people forget to have healthy breakfasts. So here are some fast easy plant based recipes that are perfect and everyone will love them! No more complicating our lives. Pretty much everything ...

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3 Vegetable Recipes to Lose Weight

Want to eat abundantly, yet lose weight at the same time? Then listen to your mum and eat your Veggies every day! Yes we do need to reduce the amount/calories we eat in a day to lose weight (assuming they are mainly high calorie junks or calorie dense food which led to weight gain in the first place), but NO, ...

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My EAT CLEAN Meal Plan (Full Recipes)

Please READ this box for more info. Hi my lovelies, this is my first week back after a long 7-week holiday work break. It has been lovely spending time with my family and friends. I have to be honest that the constant travelling, lack of sleep and eating out has affected my eating habits, skin, body and energy level. So, ...

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Healthy dessert recipes for weight loss | Healthy, Easy, Fast

Healthy dessert recipes for weight loss | Healthy, Easy, Fast Start by warming the milk for two minutes on high in the microwave. Slice your apple and once sliced place it place them into a handy chopper, place the lid on chopper then you’re going to pull several times until you get the size apple you you prefer. Once your ...

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Easy Healthy Breakfasts || Braces Friendly Meals

It can be difficult to find quick & healthy breakfast options for anyone, but is so much harder while wearing braces. I’m here to help! I’m starting this series off with simple breakfast ideas: eggs with toast and avocado, coconut oatmeal, easy french toast, and a chocolate-banana-peanut butter smoothie! Please note that if you have a hard time chewing seeds ...

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