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So many of you guys have asked what to eat in the morning so in this video we give you an idea of a high protein and fat breakfast but with our little twist obviously 🙂

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  1. so basically your salad means…wake up in the morning…take out veggies from the fridge and start eating like a monkey 😶

  2. did you get fresh before eating like did you brush

  3. Pawel Walentynski

    bro was that a fetus on your plate? Thats horrific …

  4. John's mockney accent is way OTT in this – lovely middle class house/ kitchen. Shop at waitrose. Brother has a posh accent.

    And he's all "ROIGHT. Capla eggs in the awd payn, bish bash bosh, one's a goodun".

    It doesn't make you any more accessible, people will still like you with your REAL voice – Y'know, the one you speak to your mum with 😉 haha

  5. Is it bad to have a banana strawberry kiwi smoothie is it to much carbs

  6. "yes we know no one gets up at 11"

    me in the corner:
    nervously sweats hahaha yeah who does that….

  7. Running on Full NOS Tanks

    luv da Slap! I will subscribe

  8. "Our Breakfast Ideas!" •cooks an egg salad• Me—> -_-

  9. Cannot believe you get up at 10:58.

  10. you guys are awesome!

  11. Rashad Braithwaite

    Eggs looks terrible. Everything else is okay

  12. And what can I do if I'm not used to eat eggs for bf? Here in my country we are used to have milk, juice, sandwichs or sweet things for bf.

  13. So basically a salad 👍

  14. This looks good. Any ideas for late dinner meals that are quick and easy?

  15. weetabix with vanilla/chocolate protein shake instead of just milk

  16. That looks great and doable… Was that meal for one or two people?

  17. I clicked 'like' because of the slap! Hahaha! Love you videos, guys! Keep it up! Hahaha

  18. what about those allergic to eggs?

  19. Jonathan you're so pretty :')

  20. Hahaha that slap though

  21. Never saw someone cooking eggs like that :O

  22. Hahaha "that's how babies are made" seems to be an ongoing phrase, too funny.

  23. 'Jimmy Oliver would be proud of these'

  24. You two are sooooo crazy 🙂 That's a good way to get your point across.

  25. I could not do that first thing lol, I wake up n have half a litre of water then ready break n a cuppa.. Great video anyway has always

  26. I know everyone is gonna tjink im a noob……….but whqt does  mean????

  27. hello Lean Machine Lads…how do you feel about fruit? Can I over do fruit?
    Anne Johnston

  28. Is salad for breakfast that bad ? I have fruit salads for breakfast sometimes and sometimes I have chicken salads for lunch and I treat my self to carbs for dinner 👌

  29. Lmao that was a funny slap

  30. Allergic to eggs any suggestion for alternatives.

  31. You have this everyday? Eggs in the morning everyday??

  32. All that stuff is nasty, other than eggs and nuts lol

  33. does anybody have an exercise i can do that targets the whole body? 

  34. Are y'all gay

  35. Another tip; if you feel that you don't have too much time to do this in the morning, prep your veggies the night before so they're all ready to go for you in the morning. 🙂

  36. Liked for Leon's Slap!

  37. don't call me Jonathan and say pretty..??? homophobic much don't you think pretty Jonathan?

  38. well I never could eat salad in the morning… But I like to eat whole grain spelt bread with avocado and an egg or like yogurt with blueberries, almonds and rolled oats. 

  39. Yall should show how to make a healthy and good dinner

  40. Katie Sellis-Pole

    Could you do a video about fruit in breakfast

  41. That looks pretty good! I'm never hungry in the morning and too much of certain foods makes me sick in the morning, but that looks like it would settle well 🙂 my typical breakfast is a banana smoothie or leftovers from the day before.. 😛

  42. I hardly ever eat breakfast. I have trouble sleeping at night (its 3:30am right now) so i would rather stay in bed as long as possible in the morning before work. So i often to to work without food, then grab a late dinner when i finish work. But if i get the chance to have breakfast, which is normally weekend, i have porridge with honey

  43. Is it less beneficial to eat hard boiled eggs?

  44. well not everybody can eat that shit every day because they dont have the fucking money buy that..you rich fucks

  45. Ouutch the Slap hhhhhhh

  46. i think i'm in love with these guys

  47. Over here from Sam's channel .. think I'll stick around 🙂  Always looking for easy and healthy meal ideas <3

  48. Whats a good carb recommendation that you could add to this breakfast for example? or just to any breakfast in general?

  49. Hi guys, I have been a veggie for the past 43 years and I don't eat fish  or eggs, what could I use to add the protein to my breakfast ?, thanks, love the videos.

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