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Start Losing Belly Fat Fast — 7-Minute Beginner Home Exercise Routine

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Hey, everybody. Mark Mcilyar here today to show you one of my favorite at-home exercises I have my beginners doing… Right in their living rooms!

First and foremost, make sure you have a sufficient amount of space. You don’t need a ton of it, just put your arms extended all the way out to each side, do a 360-degree spin, and make sure nothing in that area is going to get in the way.

We will be doing a total of 5 different exercises, all back-to-back with no rest until you finish the first round of all 5 movements.Now, let’s get going:

0:39 – Elevated Pushups for 10 reps: Remember that these movements are for beginners. That means if you aren’t able to fully complete a set of pushups with proper form – back flat, on your toes, arms holding you up and at a shoulder’s width – on the ground, then find an elevated surface to workout with. The higher the surface – my coffee table for example, the easier it’s going to be for you to do the move.

1:32 – Air Squats for 10 reps: With your feet just about at a shoulder’s width apart, you’ll essentially be performing a movement identical to sitting down. Here’s the kicker – keep your arms forward and out like I am to keep your back straight, remembering to drop down into the squat until your quads hit parallel or if not as low as your mobility allows.

2:13 – Lying Leg Lifts for 10 reps: Lay flat on your back and place your hands underneath your butt. With your legs together or at most a hip’s width apart and your legs locked with a slight bend at the knee, lift your legs off the ground and drive your knees up to become parallel with your hips.

2:47 – Donkey Kicks for 10 reps on each leg: Kneel down on your knees and have your hands in a pushup position – shoulder’s width apart and at chest level. From this starting point, you will lift one leg up, keeping the leg you ar moving in a locked position and driving your leg up by focusing on your heel going towards the ceiling. Once you finish one leg, make sure to alternate to the next.

3:34 – Knee Pushups for 10 reps: Another pushup variation, only we are taking the pressure off of staying in a plank position, and you will do the pushups from the same start position as you doing the donkey kicks.

There you have it. Do all 5 movements back-to-back and after you finish the round with Knee Pushups, take about a 45 second to 1-minute break. Complete a total of 3 rounds for a complete, bodyweight home workout in as little as 7 minutes.

To all the beginners looking to get started working out to lose their belly fat and get in shape: It’s only 7 minutes out of your day! Start out just doing this maybe 2 or 3 times a week, and as you get into the swing of things, increase it to 3 or 4. By then, you will be ready to incorporate some resistance training to really build that body you want and know you deserve.

Like the routine, we put together for you here today? Are you still struggling with your stubborn belly fat? Trying a bunch of cardio or gym moves with no success? Well then let me know in the comments below so we can keep posting content you guys are looking for.

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-Mark & Mojo

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