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Spring Morning Routine & Healthy Breakfast Ideas! | LaurDIY

✂ so excited to share my spring 2016 morning routine with y’all and some of my current favourite breakfast ideas!! (seriously, we either need to start an acai bowl club or an acai bowl addiction group LOL) I can’t wait to see your recreations of each DIY breakfast idea! XO lauren

PS this is the first of many sneak peeks of my new apartment, FULL TOUR COMING SOON MY LOVES!!!


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▲ last week’s video ▼


A big thank you to Biore for teaming up with me for this video! I’ve been using this product for over a month now and have been loving it so was super excited to be able to share all its amazing benefits with you!!

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  1. Miss Loony lovegood

    I am eating a mug cake while watching this.

  2. life as a Unicorn

    Ana and I love your video

  3. McKenna Grace BABW

    You don’t need make up your beautiful the way you are

  4. A yummy drink:
    Forzen Rasberry
    Frozen Strawberry
    Frozen Blueberry
    Blend it and Ta-Da I know the recipes are all frozen but its THE BEST DRINK I've ever had try it!

  5. I'll tell my mum about the breakfast ideas🐶🦄🐚

  6. Your hair is so long

  7. I tried that face wash it works

  8. I like your routine!!!!😘

  9. Darling, what are you talking about? Your skin is perfect!!!

  10. Mariska Carrinski

    The song you put for the pancakes was my promotion performance song

  11. Oh sorry it's Kyle sorry Kyle😁

  12. Was Alex filming because he's good and yes I know I'm late love Laurex

  13. At 0:44 the Pusheen in the background, is the same one I have OMG TWINZ Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I tried the pancake recipe and now I’m making it every day!b

  15. acai bowls are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Whos here from 2018

  17. I have made strawberry flavour pancakes

  18. My favorite stuffy is baby dino

  19. My fav smoothie is strawberry mango smoothie with orange juice. It is so awesome

  20. Anyone In 2018?

  21. what are your beautiful colored plushies called♥️

  22. Jennifer madrigal

    You have a lot of stuff animals

  23. "Smallish blobs" best description works ever

  24. Equestrian Olivia Schmechel

    Love you, but pink tales don’t have braids… I’m wearing pink tales as I’m writing this…

  25. 2018 squad?

  26. that was so good!

  27. I have a chick plush and it’s the size of sealington

  28. It looks like she has no baby hairs 🙁 I wish I was her she’s so pretty

  29. What can you use instead of baking powered

  30. I didn’t really like the hair style you should trust me with hair because my mom is a hairstylist and I cut hair and it looks amazing still and it has been 1 year and here hair grows a lot a year too.

  31. i have the same blender… ;——–;

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