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Soya Bhurji – Soya chunks recipe – Healthy and EASY INDIAN Vegetarian protein recipes for beginners

LOW FAT, HIGH PROTEIN Mumbai style bhurji. The best Soya Chunks recipe in my opinion
Ingredients :
1)Soaked soya chunks
6)Red Chilli powder
7)Garam Masala

Today, in my series on healthy indian recipes we’re making a HIGH PROTEIN, LOW FAT, SUPER LOW CARB VEGETARIAN recipe in Indian style. More specifically, Mumbai Style. Today is my take on then classic and super easy Bombay bhurji, but its a healthy INDIAN VEGAN recipe. Soya chunks are super high in protein measuring about 52g per 100g. Purely in terms of protein (and thus health) there is nothing better for vegetarian bodybuilding and fat loss. Essential that every Indian vegetarian at least is aware of the health benefits of soy bean. So enjoy this healthy Indian VEGETARIAN recipe for vegan bodybuilding 😉

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