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Slim Legs & Inner Thighs Workout for Beginners, 20 Minute At Home Fitness , Thigh Gap Tone Up

Join Tara for a 20 minute leg workout to slim and tone the inner thighs.
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Slim Legs & Inner Thighs #Workout for #Beginners, 20 Minute At Home #Fitness , Thigh Gap Tone Up

Join Tara for a 20 minute leg workout to slim and tone the inner thighs. This routine is good for glute and thigh toning and has some of the best exercises to help you get a thigh gap and slimmer legs and thighs.

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  2. Who came here to get idols thigh? (sorry for bad English.)

  3. Beginners? ??

  4. she scared me… wtf her eyes

  5. Are this exercise grow our muscle?

  6. I belive this is much effective!! Bcoz it doesn't have squats lunges etc…. Those exercises increases thighs

  7. After doing this, i think my soul just left my body…

  8. Elisiana Twilligear


  9. Love her!!! ❤

  10. Foodie's Heaven Villa

    Nice video #foodiesheavenvilla

  11. Will this help my inner thighs from rubbing together?

  12. (started again bc school was interrupting my workout habits but its holidays so hopefully this will work!)
    Okay so there is 2 months till summer and i'm planning to do this every single day! wish me luck and i'll keep you updated!
    1/10/18 – difficult as this was my first time working out (other than walking to school everyday) in 2 weeks and also the first time in two weeks that i'd done this specific workout but i only stopped for about 3seconds on 2 occasions so i'm happy plus it's only day 1
    2/10/18 – I didn't do the work out today as i was occupied with family activities rip, hope this won't affect my progress 🙁
    3/10/18 – i really struggled today! i got made it through the whole workout but boy does it burn, but that's good because it means the workout is working and i'll be looking at my summer bod in no time!
    4/10/18 – started off real easy and i think it's because i did it yesterday but after a bit the burn really does start to kick in and i could feel the intensity but i managed to finish the workout again so yayy!!

  13. andrea rejoicing scoff xnxj zbñßuui

    My thighs hurt while doing it but it doesn't hurt after. Is anyone else same?

  14. I tried these exercises and didnt belive they will do an effect. Yet 2days after I had sore inner thighs!!! That means the exercise is beneficial 😊😊😊😊 hopefully i ll be motivated to continue these daily 🤞🤞

  15. i think i’m dead

  16. XxHopeless_ DreamzZ

    I paused so many time at the end because my legs were shaking also I didn't do the splits part cuz it just pain

  17. ew she so skinny and still doing workoutd

  18. Thank you so much for helping me discover this exercise. 😀

  19. She said lets do some like pumps at 9:13 i knew he was behind this

  20. I like ur voice

  21. My arm hurts

  22. Well I am a bit late but holy moly this Burns I did it yesterday and normally I never get sore but today I wanted to do it a second time and I realised I that I am so sore so i guess thats a good sign😂😂😂👌

  23. I'm going to document me doing this workout three times a week and come bavk and tell you guys if it's worth it. For the sake of others 😂

  24. Natsagnyam Natsgaa

    I need motivation 1like=1work out

  25. what is this torture lol

  26. woah yayy this is amazing~ ! thank you <3

  27. I think my thighs just getting bigger ..

  28. My gosh how she walking the next day talk about jelly legs after lol 🤣

  29. I’ve done this and I didn’t feel a burn and I found it quite easy , does this mean I will or won’t see results ? Xx

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