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Six Pack Burn Out – Intense Abs Workout

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  1. Kevin Weidinger

    Can someone give me an advice?
    Which workouts should I connect with this one? Or is this single workout every dday enough?

  2. Rodrigo Carrasco

    that was fun

  3. Denise Abi Saber

    Done Guys! Very nice abs workout!!! I love it 😘💛👊

  4. Pawan Manchanda

    we do it all exercise everyday

  5. Workout complete 01.05.2018 – 4.13am #FB30

  6. Been doing this for a while and starting seeing my abs. Crazy! Thank you master!

  7. Alessio Cazzola

    Very nice workout thank you!!

  8. Cant even do half of these because of my enormous dick

  9. Carolina Arevalo

    Today I'd love to wokout to a video from FB called "abs workout for people who ate lots of pizza last night"

  10. Should i do this daily

  11. Angie Schneider


  12. Sherlan Thomas

    Loved it

  13. it whas not brutal but nice video

  14. i usually have a hard time finishing these workouts because of my lack of motivation or wilpower. but this time i sang the whole time and completed the workout easily

  15. it works so much for me 😀 I can see the packs (only two yet :D) from just my 2nd time 😀
    Thank you 😉

  16. this is what you call intense

  17. Finally did the whole last plank

  18. Bryan O’Leary

    How long does it take to get a six pack

  19. Angie Schneider


  20. يارب رحمتك يارب


  21. Love you too :-*

  22. Danijel Burić

    Dang it your good

  23. "My abs are toasted"

  24. Eitan Kruchkovich

    It helped me so much and because of it I was manage to get my six pack thank you

  25. Wish me luck :')

  26. Awesome workout,tahnks!!!


  28. Once a day?

  29. First I thought 20 seconds were way too short, but it's actually perfect. These exercises are hard and if the intervals had been longer I probably wouldn't have been able to do them properly.

  30. wgut????

  31. Yeouch! Lol it actually helped with my abs too

  32. I love the end so much!!

  33. Petra Filoušová

    Pretty intense, but I love it

  34. Why did I just do that to myself……

  35. Budji Tresvalles

    Midway… I was hating on Daniel already!!! 😡 But I survived! 😆

  36. Guys I have a good workout
    1. 100 push ups everyday (take a one day break if sore or tired)
    2. Abs workout
    3.bicep curls
    4. Calf workout

  37. time to die

  38. i love it! yahoooo! Thank you !

  39. CanI I have 4 packs after 3 months?

  40. Rafael Chacón

    Hi Go 😊💪🗣🍗🌭🍔🌭🍟🍕🍿🍲

  41. ☡CORRECTION ↪N🚫 such thing as a 6 PACK. N🚫T counting THE LOWER lower⤵ AB MUSCLES?? We HIDE them w/ clothes is probably WHY we hear this alot, which is incorrect. THOSE ARE THE SEXIEST ABS OF ALL AB SET! ABS end about where pubic hairline starts roughly😉
    6 ABS on each side =《12 pk》 LOVING THIS VIDEO TOTALLY!
    w/ out any equipment or having to buy a monthly gym membership. 👌👍

  42. Workout complete 15.08.2017 – 3.29am #FB30

  43. Nightcore_x_Universe

    My daily workout schedule
    Abs – This vid
    Abs – Intense 6 minute abs
    Thigh – Fat burning
    Thigh – Cellulite burning
    Arm – Toning
    Arm – 50 push ups.
    And then.. I go to McDonald's and not feel guilty.. xD

  44. Jeszyca Youtube

    I didnt find it intense,maybe cause am use to workout everyday

  45. Been doing this for 5 months, six times a week.

    I don't plan on stopping this so soon.

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