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Shoulder-Gains Workout | IFBB Pro Jake Alvarez

Overcomplicating your shoulder training is a surefire way to end up on the disabled list. Keep it simple, intense, and strategic with IFBB pro Jake Alvarez’s 4-move shoulder routine!
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Four moves of four working sets, plus one all-out burnout set—that’s all IFBB physique pro Jake Alvarez says you need to build impressive, balanced shoulders. Even more surprisingly, three of the four moves focus on the rear delts and upper back. Why? Because that’s where most of us are severely lacking—and setting ourselves up for future injuries.

According to Jake, this shoulder workout should take no more than 30 minutes. Whether your goals include putting big weights overhead or just stretching the boundaries of your T-shirt, give this routine a ride for the next few weeks and build a healthy, strong foundation for future growth!
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  1. So good! Thank you!

  2. Just want everyone here to see what a true natty looks like

  3. Body apace.Jayk …
    Hi bro I m zuaib …I start gym last week… I want making boys ..I don't have idea how can start.which days which step doing… Please can you guide me ..How we start make body…..
    .00971.567492280 …Its my Whatapp and contact number… Please

  4. He's just outstanding..i dnt have wrds to describe his physique..lv it..

  5. Is he Filipino?

  6. This is what a Very good shoulders training looks like . as you can see he focus on the technique of the exercise not on dropsets giant sets or others burn techniques . when we are talking about building muscle and size is better to do a workout like this but focusing on the weight that you can perform the exercise with a good technique but feels heavy in some workouts to growth

  7. Typical body builder. Not ripped just big

  8. Idd my kanal is the best 😘🤗

  9. I have Questions.. my left chest i bigger than my right chest what do you think the problem

  10. this bodybuilder looks the superhero type xD

  11. He dont even have abs how is he IFBB Pro 💀 guess anybody can be that. And yes I workout a lottt, I’ve been doing for a year now. Went from 130 to 176 so nobody can tell me idk what im doing. Healthy gains only

  12. Yo… By any chance, did Alek Figurrora from Long Beach do your tatt? He did mine. Looks.familiar. just curious

  13. Aliyu Abdulrahman

    Nice ink…


  15. Hello..I don't have in my gim the last(thing)that you show in video..what I can't do??witch one??thanks…

  16. thanx

  17. iliked

  18. No middelt workouts needed for this guy.. Watchout .

  19. Hey I want to know further details about shoulder

  20. we're gonna be doing he said that too many times 😂😂😂

  21. You still look like a skinny shy kid 😂😂

  22. Thanks Jake it's helpful .

  23. This dude has the perfect V-taper. He’s perfect for advising shoulder workouts

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