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Sexy Arms & Shoulders Exercises – No Weights!

Let’s tone our arms and shoulders together! No weights are needed and this workout can be done at home or in the gym. These are some of the best arms & shoulders workouts. =)

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  1. Definition of fitness is you 👏

  2. Your arms are goals for me:) changing up my arm workout now!

  3. You should go to Unflexal website, the best workout instructions.

  4. Nice video

  5. subbarao rambhatla

    Hey I dun have dumbbells he can I reduce my arm weight

  6. I have very thin arms… Is it really works !? plss tell me

  7. Shalini Chaurasiya

    plzz make vedio on increasing hight

  8. Hi! I am a beginner. Could you plz tell me what and how much should I eat before this exercise??

  9. i want to broaden my shoulder

  10. don't know why can't concentrate on the video… looking at the balcony 😞😞

  11. Robloxian Gamer

    Oh! God! You're so beautiful! :C YOU MAKE ME SO JEALOUS!!

  12. I want a figure like u help me to become like u

  13. Sri Tirumala Estates & Farm Lands

    is this useful for shoulder broad?? Reply

  14. is it for weight loss or weight gain plzzz tell me,,,, bcoz I want gain my weight

  15. I’m gonna try this to build better and stronger arms.
    Thank you JSoh.

  16. Hey,
    The best results that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i
    found it on google) Without a doubt the most useful diet that I have
    ever tried.

  17. kalyani sankrityayan

    is this going to reduce my arms..coz I want to gain arm muscles

  18. Aishwarya Khened

    Will I gain weight after doing this? pls do reply

  19. You live in such a nice place! I love your veranda!

  20. When i put my hands in my pocket(sweater/jacket) my arms and shoulders are big that i look like a man… that also happens when i put my arms to the side of my body… help plzzz

  21. Will this narrow and make my shoulders smaller?

  22. Kitty Henderson


  23. Nice. Easy to look but its hard to perform but ill try my best super super talaga.

  24. My shoulders are very broad .. .. Can this help to make my shoulder look good ….bones of my shoulders are very much broad. ….what should I do ….

  25. Are these exercises going to tone up saggy batwings?

  26. 1050southgate ble…

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