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Satwik Bhojan – an Ayurvedic diet meal recipe | Onmanorama Food

This Satwik Bhojan, a healthy platter put together by Ajeeth Janardhananan, Executive Chef, and Dr. Anitha Manoj, Assistant Spa Manager at the Raviz resort and Spa Ashtamudi, Kollam, would help you give a delicious makeover to the monsoon diet.

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  1. Nitya Punnackal

    Soft Kerala puttu recipe, the healthiest multi grain breakfast

  2. Green chillies and garlic don't come in satvik bhojan ..

  3. Lebbai Gani Naina

    Amazing!! Mind and soul are the same. Hence, a diet like this would keep your soul fulfilled.

  4. Archana joshi joshi ideas

    Nice recipe…
    Well presented

  5. Dewmont Jerkins

    so, they don't look healthy…

  6. nagamahesh janigarla

    why you both look like yamadhoots when you are eating sathwik food

  7. shreesth singh

    wow both chef and lady r over weight and they r talking about satwik meal …wht is going on. pls. tell me whts there real diet ..

  8. Viplove Maheshwari

    Two fat people preaching vague incoherent ideas to other people on how to be healthy. Yes. Please sign me up.

  9. Ayurveda is shit…

  10. Rashmi Ravindran

    Someone who knows and follows these principles should have made the video.

  11. I wish we could have this food everyday here in Scotland

  12. Anindya Sundar Mandal

    Grinder machine use mat karo

  13. Prashanth Kumar

    Thank you Didi, everything shown and explained are of great value and healthy recipes, thank you once again

  14. Very nice.will try,Thank you

  15. Why both of you look over weight ??

  16. Sweety Choudhary

    They must have asked someone with a fit body to act in this video. Especially the chef, he is clearly not interested in consuming or recommending such food.

  17. Aap log sirf English mei he program kyo dikhate ho aap log indian ho ja nahi?.

  18. From cooking to the vessel use…all quite good !!

  19. Can you please add details of where this resort is

  20. Where can we get turmeric leaves

  21. anisha chaturvedi

    Their health suggest something else😂😂😂😂

  22. Shanika Weerasundara

    Loved learning the techniques and culture. Nicely done. But I was not expecting to see this much grains and milk in a healing meal. I was hoping to see a desert like fruits. Looks like a typical heavy south asian meal.

  23. if don't know what ayurveda is plz don't do these kind of shows in the name of ayurveda.. how come citrus lemon satwik?? ayurveda does not encourage spouts as well.. where cooking in coconut oil prescribed in ayurveda.. utter non sense to fool common people..

  24. Hassaan Khatri

    Chef requires it d most

  25. michelle castro

    Thank you sooo very much! I am learning Ayurveda and absolutely love infusing this ancient knowledge into my vegetarian cooking 🙏🏽

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