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Raw Food Recipe – Granola with Almond Milk – A Raw Diet & Raw Recipe – Breakfast

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http://www.learnrawfood.com/ Raw food author and chef Jennifer Cornbleet shows you to make a delicious gluten-free raw granola, which is then topped with raw almond milk. From her DVD, Raw Food Made Easy. Produced by Larry Cook.

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  1. I love the look of your kitchen

  2. Great video is that a laundry mesh bag or is there a mesh bag WE can get from the grocery store

  3. I like buckwheat cereal

  4. anyone tried the milk? does it taste like milk or soy milk..

  5. Everything is great in this video… thanks for sharing…..She is amazing and does the presentation great….

  6. When you buy them in bulk like that, don't soak them until you are ready to use them. I freeze my extras until I am going to use them.

  7. I didn't realize that once you soak them, you have to eat them within 3 days. I bought a ton of nuts to start me off on my raw diet and now they are all molding! Ugh! Is there anything I can do? Its way too much for three days. I just figured i'd stock up. I pulled my almonds out today and they were moldy and fuzzy.

  8. Welcome!

  9. NICE…Gonna jump right on the granola cereal mix! Thanks!

  10. Thank you!

  11. This is the best vegan cooking I've found on youtube. I love this channel!

  12. Were the almonds previously soaked for the night?

  13. how many calories are in that bowl of granola? i mean with almond milk and everything…


  15. Why are you not vegan?

  16. This woman is a STAR!!!! Thank you for this x

  17. Kasidis Supongthorn

    dear jennifer i want to start the routine of raw food diet how could i knw how many calories in each menu

  18. Any one read anything about this popular recipe book named Chef 790 Secrets? My dad dropped like 14 lbs in only a single month just after eating food from the tasty recipes! You can just google the site I can not remember the web address.

  19. I have wanted to go raw for a while and love your videos and the way you present, so calm and friendly, I will read your website as I need to learn a lot. The one thing I do is not eat dairy.

  20. @blkazn77 Thank you. 🙂

  21. Does anyone know the food prcoessor and blender that she uses?

  22. Making this 4 breakfast

  23. @ChangeTheChannelSong give up – if a person doesn't want to you can't make them do that

  24. Awesome. 🙂

  25. I just made this today!! It was SO GOOD! please make more vids 🙂

  26. @ChangeTheChannelSong You're welcome! I've been vegetarian for 21 years and my best friends eat meat. So, as much as we may want to change others, the only real power we have is in changing ourselves. You will be a shining example of vibrant health that will inspire others, though maybe not your best friends or family.

  27. @ChangeTheChannelSong Olivia, even when we get to be 20, 30, or 40 years old we may not convince our families to switch to a better diet. The very best thing for you to do is to focus on your own health, continue learning about healthy vegetarian eating, and be your very best – that is called "leading by example." Get A's in school, be kind to people in school, plan for college, do what you love to do. And eat vegetarian. People will respect you, and want to be like you. ~ Larry

  28. Thank you so much for your great recipies! I made your zuchini pasta today and stunned a dear friend! I only have just started eating Raw vegan..and am delighted that everything tastes so good.. i just soaked the nuts for tomorrow! Thank you again i will surely purchess your book!

  29. @TheMakeOrBreak sorry, i meant to hit the like and missed.

  30. It looks delicious, but I have to agree that is a lot of nuts in one meal. I would probably use soaked buckwheat or wheat berries in place of 2/3 of the nuts.

  31. Are the almonds soaked first?

  32. I've tried this. Believe me, it's addictive! My kids can't get enough of it:-)

  33. Silver Screen Productions

    This lady is a genius! Lovin these raw recipes!

  34. @pinkylaurajane122 after looking at your profile, I guess not haha

  35. @pinkylaurajane122 is that you LJ?

  36. I love NUT milk. I make a lot myself.

  37. How old is Jennifer? Its really hard to tell,she must eat so healthily to look that good!

  38. WOW. totally making this 🙂

  39. and no carrageenan yah!!

  40. wow. since when did almonds make milk?

  41. This seems so fun, but Almond milk is so cheap now days.

  42. @machellacoachella , you can make an amazing almond pulp cheese, it is fantastic!

    2 cups pulp from almond milk (pulp should be plain, not sweetened)
    1/4 cup olive oil
    1/2 cup lemon juice
    1/2 teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt
    1/4 cup fresh or dried dill weed
    1/2 cup diced onions
    1/2 red bell pepper
    small clove garlic

    You can either dice all this finely and mix with pulp, or blend the vegetables and oil/lemon and mix it through, then add the dill.it is gorgeous!

  43. is there anything you can make with the leftover almonds from the almond milk recipe?

  44. @faintsunrise they are dried grapes, not cooked

  45. @TheMakeOrBreak Thank you for the props. Good luck…you can do it!

  46. i didn't know that raisins were raw? 🙂

  47. Thank you for this great recipe, looks delicious. Im always looking for good raw food recipes.

  48. mmmmmm!!! that looks really tastey!! cnt w8 2 try….

    n the almond milk was soo easy!! hope it tastes good!

  49. that actually looks really good!

  50. Mmmm! Looks delish. I would love to see more recipe videos from Jennifer! I loved her book "Raw for Dessert" 🙂

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