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Raw Food Diet: Healthy Lunch Ideas : Tips for Serving a Raw Food Lunch

Learn how to and about combining salad, spring rolls, and pate for a whole lunch in this free recipe video about the raw food diet and lunch recipes.

Expert: Denise Bennett
Bio: Denise is a Raw food chef. She is a partner in “Light & Love Cafe,” in Sedona Arizona. She is also the owner of “Gentle Soul Cafe” in L.A., CA.
Filmmaker: Danniel Fishler

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  1. i've seen a few of your videos. why are they not together so we can learn to make this?

  2. When we filmed these videos, the segments were together. When they became separated, people missed in the ingredients. The breakfast recipe is sliced fruit with a "granola" made of chopped dehydrated fruit and nuts. You can make a wonderful "yogurt" that's very easy… no dairy. If you would like the recipes, just email me at my web site: AngelsandIntuition (dot) org. Living Foods are the way of the future. But wherever you are on your path, embrace it!

  3. Okay how do u make it???? What's in it????

  4. informationwarfare

    female dr phil

  5. what is in it !!

  6. well the food looks nice but the videos a load of shit.

  7. Francine Washington

    0o0o looks good I'm going to make this today…. 0o0o WAIT WHAT'S THE RECIPE AGAIN .. DUH!

  8. Yeah this was was a real "DingBat' move…..I really don't like expert village, I've yet to see an expert…..

  9. She's really touching the food! Disgusting.. -_-'

  10. looks nasty. but healthy I must eat it.

  11. its beautiful and looks great but how is it made? whats in it??lol the video is missing something.

  12. wtf they should talk while they're making things. this didnt tell me anything…but i did get some ideas ^-^

  13. Scotty Russell Music

    has this been slowed down by 20% or is it just that boring?
    jesus im vegan and even i think this is a fail.

  14. you do a good job of displaying things but please show how you make the items♥

  15. @kasahg Too true!


  17. A Complete waste Of Time.. Idiot Explain what It Is & How To Make It

  18. :/ you didn't even tell us HOW to make this "beautiful lunch"


  19. You have got to be kidding…no ingrediants, no teaching of how to make it. Really???

  20. dumb video. waste of time

  21. No offense Denise Im sure your a amazing woman but seriously how boring is this food, everything is cold…!!!! Raw food basically means no hot food and thats ridiculous…. You talk about not being so serious but how much more serious could you be when your only eating raw food… The world has to much to offer to just cement yourself in one narrow direction.. Go vegan or go vegetarian but raw is like putting an aspect of your life in prison….

  22. i like your videos because all together they are very informative HOWEVER when expert village splits them up into crappy unmarked and numbered segments with buts missing thats when they suck…

  23. wut =s the MIX!!!

  24. ok wtf is in all of it? thats what i would like to know. not just watch how to plate something.

  25. Yeah thanks SO FREAKEN MUCH for TELLING us how the hell to MAKE this!


  26. that's very pretty. How many calories, 12, 13?

  27. Click on my name for fun RAW Food videos and new TV Show!

  28. so…..ummmm how do we make this???

  29. thanks so much for doint this!!!

  30. awesome..a little more red / like bell peppers or tomatoes and it would go from super great to magnificent

  31. It looks like zucchini slices

  32. I think it's slices of cucumber

  33. haha:D she just like to show things not talk

  34. It looked great! What was the spinach(?) rolled in? It looked like bread.

  35. Would you post the recipes. It is beautiful but where is the recipes so I can do it at home?

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