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Raw Food Diet: Healthy Lunch Ideas : How to Roll a Raw Food Spring Roll

Learn how to make healthy raw food spring rolls and how to actually roll them in this free recipe video about the raw food diet and lunch recipes.

Expert: Denise Bennett
Bio: Denise is a Raw food chef. She is a partner in “Light & Love Cafe,” in Sedona Arizona. She is also the owner of “Gentle Soul Cafe” in L.A., CA.
Filmmaker: Danniel Fishler

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  1. Just look and learn much more about it from WooPep website.

  2. looks like it would take forever and that would never fill me up

  3. It's not mayonnaise, it's tahini *rolls eyes*

  4. What's in that sauce?
    Doesn't take much thinking. Just watch.

    There was a MAYONNAISE jar beside the board for crying out loud. Mayonnaise is not only an animal byproduct but definitely not raw.

    Use your head people.

  5. looks beautifull but somehow doesnt look tasty

  6. Ditto on what kind of sauce did you put on it?
    You are doing a great job.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. all this makes no sense if you don't wash your hands.

  8. "we're gonna make a [wryayayyyp]?" what did she say? noob.

  9. these expert village people are no experts. first off, when you begin a recipe fist thing you need is a list of the ingredients. you suck for wasting peoples time, "uhh". go away.

  10. yummmy!

  11. Sabrinna Ringquist

    This looks delicious.

  12. what is the sauce made of?

  13. that sucks. what kind of souse is that?

  14. I'm just not sure what kind of "sauce" you used or what the green sprig is called that you put inside?

  15. I agree with the others…it's neat to see how you do sushi sized wraps, it's still a salad, and the sauce is what would make it special or not.

  16. what's in the sauce?

    i wish expertvillage took a little more time to make these videos more informative…

    how about using that description box to include the massive amount of information your video is missing?

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