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Quick & Easy Healthy Food Ideas | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Eating Out!

Today I share with you some of my favourite Healthy Food Ideas including quick and easy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes! I even take you along to my favourite place to eat out with friends – Mad Mex!

Hope you enjoy the video and got some new yummy food ideas!

Make sure you check out Mad Mex next time your out and looking for a healthy option, promise you’ll LOVE it!
Check out their locations here; http://bit.ly/12Eh98w

My recommendation is definitely the Naked Burrito so tasty yet so good for you!!! But if you’re having a cheat day they also have churros on the menu, yummmm!

Quick and Healthy Breakfast ideas;
2 Eggs
Handful of your choice of fillings – I went with;
Mushrooms, Sun dried Tomatoes, Spring Onions & Feta Cheese
Salt and Pepper
Zip Lock Baggy
Alfoil (optional if having on the go)

FYI Make sure you have a good quality zip lock bag not just the cheapy ones because it may split in the water (may or may not have learnt this from experience)

Healthy Lunch Ideas perfect for School or Work
Half a wombok cabbage (accidentally said a whole one in the vid)
6 Spring Onions (Shallots)
Chang’s Crunchy Noodles
100g roasted slivered almonds

Quarter cup White Vinegar
Quarter Cup Caster Sugar (this gives it a sweet and sour taste but if you’re happy for it just to be a tangy dressing you can leave the sugar out or only include a sprinkle for less calories)
1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce
Half cup Olive Oil

Healthy Dinner Recipes
3 Zucchini grated
Half cup self raising flour (use wholemeal if on a stricter diet)
2 Spring onions finely chopped
Half cup of Mint, roughly chopped
2 eggs
Olive Oil

Small tub of Greek Yogurt
Zest and juice of half a lemon
Quarter cup of mint leaves (roughly chopped)
1 Diced Cucumber

Let me know if you want to see more Healthy Lifestyle videos on my channel! Give this video a THUMBS UP if you want me to do a FITNESS ROUTINE next!!

I was thinking I could do some more videos like this on my channel if you’re interested such as healthy snack ideas, smoothie recipes, yoga routine, ab exercises and all that good stuff 🙂

Thanks so much for watching!!
See you on Sunday for an exciting Christmas Gift Idea video!!

Intro song – Beggin’ by Logic
You guys know by now he’s my fave so 9/10 a song will be his 🙂
This is from his mix tape so you can download it for free at http://www.datpiff.com



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Disclaimer; This video is sponsored by MadMex – but you guys know I’m always true to me, so these opinions are my own! I’d recommend the naked burrito regardless!

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