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OFFICIAL WIDER HIPS Workout | HIP DIPS FIX | No Equipment At Home Routine

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Do you want wider hips? Trying to fix your hips dips? Then you already know that you want a workout that targets the muscles in your side booty! That’s what this booty workout is all about!
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So, as I was saying before adding the links above (check them out by the way :))

Working the side booty muscles is the key to wider hips and can help fix the hip dip look. Now, while you may not be able to fix your hip dips PERFECTLY, exercise really does help to make a huge difference.

You can make these exercises more intense by adding weights and resistance. But if you’re a complete beginner, it is almost always a good idea to do your butt workouts without weights first. Once you master the movements, then you can go cray cray with the resistance and weights.

It’s all about slow and steady progress!! xo

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  1. Thank you 😊

  2. ur so cutee

  3. Thanks for the inspiration

  4. I subscribed for the beautiful smile on your face during excercise😘

  5. Put this in my reminders app for 2:00 tomorrow

  6. Hi ma'am I am your new subscriber. ..can anyone do this excise I mean aged person like 40 years lady

  7. daylean123 avalos

    i laugh while doing the exercise because of her smiley face i think she had to support it 😂😂

  8. Ok so I'm gonna do this for 30days and see if there's a difference. Will take before and after photos

  9. I'am lazy

  10. Actually I think u are best youtuber that I I've seen…And ur body is so so …alright luv ur channel so much

  11. Beauty Naturals TV

    How to Get a Bigger Butt and Wider Hips Fast and Naturally


  12. Beauty Naturals TV

    How to Get a Bigger Butt and Wider Hips Fast and Naturally


  13. Serenity Althea Sy

    I shoul do this in private😂

  14. Omg you don't know how happy I am I did this once today and they're not gone but they've become so much smaller I'm going to do this everyday! I feel so inspired!

  15. Photoshop much?!

  16. Its working. Thanks xx

  17. omg youre the best youre so funny

  18. Is really working for me thanks a lot


  20. Why would anyone want wider hips lol. I guess mexicans need it for lots babies to go on welfare of course

  21. ale przecież ona źle te ćwiczenia wykonuje….

  22. This so inspiring thank u
    Love ur personality 😍😄

  23. Is that a pic of your hips, did you widen them that much? I just wasn't blessed with hips

  24. IT WORKS! I’ve tried this for 2 days and started to see results on the 3rd day, thank u!

  25. Thx so much for making this video it totally helped 👍👍

  26. between this and the hiit exersices im learning the hard way not to work out on a full stomach.

  27. Ms drason _an stuff

    1:45 when u always have to look good. Jk lol

  28. Does this help with saddle bags also?

  29. Plz what I should eat after this exercise ?

  30. In addition to getting wider hips☺️ you can use african shea butter to rid stretch marks. Just stay consistent and for a year long.

  31. I love your smile ❤️❤️

  32. Cute vid. im going to try this

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  35. No entiendo ingles pero la veo igual😂😂

  36. I am blessed to have somewhat wide hips without doing this workout🙏🏻

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  44. Edmond Goodfinger

    Thank you.
    Please disregard username.
    At the moment I'm serious 🙂

  45. is the thumb nail a before and after picture or just photoshoped

  46. Does this really work

  47. These workouts so work. You just have to be consistent…after 3 months you will def see results

  48. two questions :: how many times should you do this a week, and when would you see results?

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