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MY TOP 3 HIIT WORKOUTS for weight loss

My top 3 workouts that I do the MOST that helped me lose over 70 pounds with a year. Ya’ll enjoy, Calfee Beans 🙂
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I hope you guys find this helpful! (easier to download on a desktop/laptop)
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  1. You're fucking hilarious xD


  3. how many times do you sprint?

  4. Thank you so much! Plz keep posting the hit videos. It helps me a lot! Congrats on your weight loss. Could you post more of "what I eat in a day?" I grab the items from the last video and would love to see more❤

  5. Valentine Brandt

    Oh and you’re very very pretty, I hope I look half that good when I lose the weight. 😂👌❤️

  6. Valentine Brandt

    Tried the jumprope/abs one this afternoon. It was intense and I couldn’t do much bc I’m huge, but once it was done I felt really good. Gonna do it every morning before class; thank you!

  7. Can you give us a whole hiit workout that we can follow along with you ? Please

  8. Brittany Barnette

    Lol we love you girl! Thanks for this video!

  9. Sooo did you need a burger after all that…and some fries?😂😂😂

  10. Gabbriella Lunsford

    wow I love this thank u 💗 also you’re so cute I wanna cry and I just got my jump rope finally so sis is finna lose her weight 😤

  11. Lol I love the personality. Congrats on your weight loss you look good and fit!!! New subbie!!!💕

  12. I needed this for the gym tonight thank you !!!!! Girl you’re killing it !!! 💕💕💕💕

  13. Thank you for your hard work🌻 I'm going to try these workout tomorrow and I'll tell you if I was sweating 😂😂 love you ❤

  14. Do you have any opinions for me to stay on track please I would really appreciate it 🙏❤️

  15. Thank you dear for motivating me ❤️❤️ I really want to start but I'm struggling to stay on track and i give up so easily. 😭 I'm going to start tomorrow and I hope for the best. ❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU AND I HOPE YOU ARE DOING WELL x 💖💖💖💖

  16. I was just about to tweet you bc I saw the other video was removed lmao thank you for reposting!

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