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My Intermittent Fasting Transformation My Tips for Weight Loss Success

Watch my latest Intermittent Fasting Food Vlog here https://youtu.be/9MOBfVtJLdI
Sharing results from Intermittent Fasting. How to start and what the heck is intermittent fasting? How to do it successfully and feel great, look good and stay happy.
My thumbnail photo on the left was taken this year in April. After having some surgeries, being on antibiotics and competing in a competition I had gained more weight than I lost and found myself unhealthy and unhappy. I was eating small meals all day, having a of fruits and lean meats. I wanted to share my take and tips on how to begin and have a successful intermittent fasting journey.

Some great info I found on the line 🙂

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  1. Jeanette Maganda

    That's so crazy I eat very late maybe 11:30am then again at 4pm I didn't realize this was called fasting. I just have a baby I feel like I don't have to time to even eat!

  2. Should I break my fast with eggs?

  3. Can I still have protein drinks?

  4. Thank you for making this video!! Break-fast!! Makes so much sense. Enjoyed your video it was great.

  5. great personality and very informative video👍

  6. you don’t need to fasting your skinny already

  7. Does it cause gastric or constipation??
    I want to know

  8. I'm fasting for 19 hours with a 5 hour window from 2 to 7 p.m. Only been two days but I've got this!!

  9. yes sis yesss

  10. Fasting for life with Rio

    Awesome! Great job! I’ve already lost over 100 pounds with a combination of water fasting, intermittent fasting, and keto. Just documented a 10 day water fast and going into the keto diet again. This was definitely inspiring!

  11. her skin is literally GLOWING. you should do a video on how to get flawless skin or how to make it glow like yours does. Literally the best skin Ive ever seen.

  12. Thanks for the video, would you be able to do a video about what your meals are or could be? I’ve just started trying to get fit and intermittent fasting but I don’t think I’m having the proper meals and am involuntary doing a starvation diet 😥

  13. Samantha Gribowski

    How many days a week do you do IF? Or is it an everyday type thing?

  14. You are beautiful…inside and out ! Video was very informative.

  15. Weird it used to be eat little things all day snack all day and it's a great way to maintain your weight they used to say

  16. I wish i was your before picture. You werent big

  17. Your Great…thanks much!!

  18. LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for making it sooo simple AND enjoyable to watch! 🙂

  19. My big problem is that I cannot function without coffee in the morning. I just can‘t. And I need soy milk in my coffee, so I‘m breaking my fast with this habit. What can I do?

  20. I am vegetarian over 25 years. I eat plant protein not animal.

  21. do you do IF every day? I have seen multiple videos where people are WAY more flexible on the weekends with this or not doing it at all. but generally trying to eat healthy. the weekends are tough for me. I am currently doing a 12/12 fasting window.

  22. So, this eating window? I’m a little confused.. can I eat as many times as I want in that window?

  23. I was terribly disappointed I didn't see the before-after picture on the thumbnail in the actual video… you know… purely for the purpose of documenting her progress.

  24. I work nights so I shift the time when I'm working my three 12hour nights to eating when I wake up like 2 or 3pm and then stop the window around 10 or eleven. I eat all my recommended calories in that time and still lose weight, and it is usually very difficult to lose wt around my stomach and I already am. I'm an rn so I do recognize that it is probably my decrease of constant high levels of insulin in my blood stream. I also make sure I exercise. The key ivthink is to use this to develop good long term habits

  25. Catherine Delves

    Hello, great video! What was the documentary you mentioned about the gut? Would love to watch it! Xx

  26. Now I know what Breakfast means😁My life's never gonna be the same 😄

  27. I've been watching alot of Dr. Berks videos. I am going to do this once I am done breast feeding but he said high protein can turn into sugar and also be hard on the liver…. just curious what kind of protein you eat because I am looking for ideas.

  28. Thank you so much! <3

  29. Beauty queeennx0

    I dont see the issue with her body before..

  30. What if my 8hrs is from 11 to 7pm. And im feeling thirsty around 9 evening. It is ok to drink water during my fasting?

  31. Starting this fasting tomorrow 8-20-18. I'm going to eat at 11:30 and 5:30. I'm so scared but I'm tired of being unhealthy. I used to be toned and shaped and let myself go after having kids and went into depression. But now I'm ready to change myself and get going. I will be taking a before pic today.wish me luck!

  32. mom did that fast and lost 70lbs

  33. I've been on 16/8 IF for about a month now and I've lost 15 pounds with no exercise. I never eat breakfast so this is perfect for me.
    I have removed all junk food, sugars and pretty much all gluten since I was so bloated. I ate one chicken breast and two eggs yesterday and was FULL; and I get NO cravings at all and have more energy, feels so awesome 😀

  34. She's right about giving it a chance. The first 3 days I was ravenous before my first meal (at 11 am) but I got used to it by day 4.

  35. Hi Natalie! Great and informative video! Could you please link the documentary you referenced at 4:114:18? You were talking about how there is a huge brain gut connection and I'm interested on learning more about it. Thank you so much!

  36. When do you workout?

  37. Hwa-mi Bwekari Anastasia Shelsea

    I start to eat at 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Is this okay?????

  38. Why am I gaining weight on keto? I'm IF and as low carb as I feel I can stand… I just dont know how I've gained 10lbs on the Bulletproof diet. And even with a ton of fat, I crave sugar still and cant seem to give up dairy, especially a lot of heavy cream, which I think is why I have too many calories. Any tips?

  39. Great info

  40. Pratyusha Chakma

    For how long can we be on intermittent fasting??

  41. Courtney Doering

    I've been fasting for 6 days (around 18- 20 hour fast each day) and I've lost 4 kgs. The number on the scales have changed but I'm waiting for me to notice the difference in the mirror. I recommend fasting, maybe not for as long as I do (work yourself up to it) but fasting has sooo many results.

  42. It may sound stupid… But, can I have water before my fasting period ends?

  43. Giselle Betances

    For 16:8, does that mean I can eat as many times as I want from 12-8pm? or does that mean I only
    eat 2 meals 12pm and 8pm?

  44. Youre like my ex gf, shes so cute when shes talking(a lot) and i just interupt her by kissing her(a lot) 😉..so there.

  45. Timings to start with three meals in a day?

  46. I eat around 5pm and around 10-11am the next day! 😅

  47. Oh stop it ready.

  48. Amina Habib Muhammad

    Thanks a lot.. Do a video of what you eat in a day pliz

  49. Reviews with Martie with COFFEE

    This was such a wonderful video! Thanks for making it simple and easy to follow.

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