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  1. Omg you are soooo cute like awwww😍😍😍

  2. hi5 on the A&W mug! Don’t know why that made me loll

  3. Ingredients
    1: coconut water
    2: bananas
    3: spinach
    👌🏻 LOVE your vids ❤️

  4. You and Valeria Lipovetsky are my favorit Youtubers. You're not just beautiful but you're inspiring feminin with a super helpful lifestyle for working women like me ::) thank you

  5. Stupid ass t- shirt

  6. You talk a lot

  7. Girl you should be in Victoria Secret fashion show

  8. Grate the ginger first and you won't get the stringy fibres in your smoothie

  9. I never believed the term "beautiful inside out" until I saw you😍 love you babe💘💕

  10. Thank you for this video. Next time I see someone who says "Oh! Models are thin because they use heroin blah blah blah… " I'll just shove this video in their face

  11. When you got the ingredients in house but you don't have a blender 😭

  12. Omg she kinda looks like Mädchen Amick from twin peaks

  13. That shirt tho. YES

  14. She looks like Josephine Skriver in the thumbnail! Alexandria is so gorgeous

  15. You don't wash the spinach ?? just a question… You are very beautiful !!!

  16. Shes so gorgeous inside and out ❤️

  17. T y! I tried the recipe and added chia seeds, you really dont taste the ginger <3

  18. What blender is that?? Mine is awful and never blends everything unless you put in little bits at a time ughh

  19. if you're into ginger and other healthy packed stuff try turmeric!

  20. she is literally so cute and beautiful.

  21. Take that shirt off ewww

  22. Deema ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Can I put something else instead of banana?

  23. please post more recipes! I love your channel <3

  24. You're so beautiful

  25. Thank you for taking the time to mention that a smoothie is NOT a meal. Nice touch there. TFS!!

  26. I foooound what goоt to be the best weight loooosing info and tooo сheсk it out go to https://twitter.com/9b7e19512eee5d182/status/822770749395980289

  27. I make a rly similar smoothie but without ginger and i use fresh orange juice instead of coconut water, its soooo good i think you'd love it xox

  28. I barely eat anything cause idk I don't need a lot so smoothies r meals to me but I eat a lot less then most people so I think what she is saying is good advice for most people

  29. thecraziestchicken

    Good on you as a model to give advice to these people that smoothies are not meals. Keep it up keeping it real, you are o good role model for young girls 🙂 Also, your taste in music and stuff <3 <3

  30. I have the same t-shirt, I feel more connected to you right now! 🍌🍌

  31. love your videos! They make me so happy! You have such a positive energy

  32. I just made this for breakfast and had it with two slices of multigrain toast! Thanks for the recipe, this was the first green smoothie that I really liked, and I will definitely make it in the mornings to increase my green veggies intake! You're the best!

  33. May I ask where your earrings are from? 💗 They are really beautiful :')!

  34. Just tried this smoothie. So delicious(: thank you for this!!

  35. Need to try this 🙂

  36. what can I used instead of coconut water

  37. Love!

  38. I always make that smoothie but instead of coconut water I use orange juice

  39. u are one of the most beautiful girl that i ever seen in my life

  40. Dear Alexandria, could you do a "Jade Buttefield" makeup tutorial (Gabriella Wilde in Endless love)? That would be awesome! Thanks.

  41. I got that t shirt woop ! Also v helpful recipe love smoothies thaaank ya xxx

  42. I tried it today and its sooo guuuuuuud 👌🏻☝🏼 made my day ❤️☺️

  43. Yeah! I agree! How can people think smoothies could be a meal? I don't feel satified after a Smoothie 😂

  44. Spicy……. ginger…… 🤔
    But this does look really good

  45. You look like Denise Richards!!

  46. u look so beautiful here u are glowwwwing

  47. best part was "what's the cooking term for this" 😂

  48. Every time I see a video form you I ask my self why your not a Victoria Secrets angel 🤔 you don't only look like one but your personality so sweet

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