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Men’s Health Circuit Workout – Part 1

Get the Full Men’s Health Circuit Workout from Men’s Health: http://goo.gl/xsx86

Trainers David Jack and Jen Widerstrom take you through the workout, Part 1.

You don’t need a gym membership to sculpt a great body. If you’re ready to blast your belly for good, use this cutting-edge circuit routine to strip away fat, define your chest, arms, and abs, and send your fitness levels soaring.

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  1. where is part 2 ?

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  3. extremely good i really love love love it to the max

  4. Miguel Martinez

    Great routine…

  5. I love how the female is getting all the comments below. LMAO!!!! She is fine!

  6. I love the way you teach thank you so much….

  7. Mohammed Mujeruddin

    Thanks for my schools 1st language was english

  8. النضر بن الحارث

    Her thighs, i wanna lick them so bad

  9. Zona De Opinion

    Perfecto para comenzar a eliminar esos kilos de más.

  10. How much weight are they exercising with here?

  11. What type of weights are those?1 or 2 kgs?

  12. This is fantastic

  13. She has bigger legs than him …

  14. where's Part 2?

  15. Paul William Navida

    Damn she's hot

  16. Taisha Buchanan

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  17. Patricia McGowan

    This is for beginners!  Just designed stay healthy, everything is basic!

  18. odfuqdhfiqdgfdf

    damn she's hot 🙂 not so skinny as usually but good and sexy built…uha!:)

  19. ….alas!! other parts were private????
    I like the workout, it's really productive & creative…
    Now, how to progress…??!

  20. Does watching this count?

  21. Jeffrey Clermont

    Palms should be facing up, on those glute bridges… Forms a little off

  22. their technique is so so…….though

  23. Cameron Terrell

    Wow she is hot :)) hips and thighs like chun li <3

  24. иван протеняк

    класс класс класс класс класс

  25. better to workout with a partner. specially that sexy!

  26. олег альтерман

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