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Intense 5 Minute Dumbbell Chest Workout

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  1. Just took a view at the exercise list on the left but hell I couldn't see any pull-ups done in the video. :/

  2. Is it me or did that 10 Burpee warm up look like all kinds of wrong lol

  3. Pretty sure EVERY gym would kill you for treating their equipment that way

  4. He said i started crossfit
    she said we should see other men

  5. Ppl talking about injury lmao warm up properly and harden the fuck up weak cunts

  6. Love those joke ups

  7. There are so many problems with Crossfit from the joint grinding each day to the gigantic ego's on the Crossfit people….The act like they actually created a push-up…They are A-holes from the top down

  8. Stop dropping the bar you gimp

  9. I did my first CrossFit session today. Before coming in, my friends and I would laugh and make jokes about CrossFit. We thought it was dumb and that it was a good way to injure yourself. I was completely wrong. As someone who can rep 315 on bench and squat rep 405 at 12% body fat, CrossFit kicked my butt today. The reason is because they throw cardio in between each sets of exercise making lifting weights an entire different story. There was only 225 on the bar when I was doing deadlifts, but I was breathing so hard from my 400 meter run that I had trouble repping 225 12 times on deadlifts. Sure I got all 12 reps, but it wasn’t as easy because I ran 400 meters the fastest I could. I didn’t have any breaks in between sets or between my runs either. Only got a couple second break to sip some water. However, I still believe CrossFit does not gain you strength faster over lifting at the gym like from body building routines. I know for a fact because I had a friend who started CrossFit the same time I started lifting weights. After a year, I was benching well over 100 pounds more then he can and squatting way more then my friend who did CrossFit for a year straight. The only difference is that my friend has endurance when it comes to cardio over me. He can’t beat me on anything else besides that. Also, I told the gym instructor I refuse to do kip pull ups because I do believe it will fuck up my shoulders. Overall CrossFit is good, but it won’t give you the fast results of having an aesthetic body like bodybuilding does though. If you want to look good for the beach fast or look aesthetic fast, bodybuilding is the way to go. I was the only one that had an aesthetic body at my CrossFit session when people there have been doing it for years. Then again, it could be their diets. They still kicked my ass when it comes to cardio. Strength wise, that’s a different story because I could easily lift more then everyone there by a long shot. Also, my CrossFit gym is not an 24 hour gym. You can’t just come when you want like with an 24 hour time to work out

  10. Did this routine 7 months ago (in 6:17 at 95lbs) and just did it again (at 105lbs), this time in 5:06. Def'ly a great blend of strength and cardio but more importantly a mental strengthener.

  11. Those are fake pull ups. You are not supposed to use momentum from the legs.

  12. If you can't do it, take some weights off, it's embarrassing… only first round was correct.

  13. you fools… Crossfit originated in India and only in India the original crossfit is taught. so better acknowledge before you start doing or practicing the form… All you from west have no respect to eastern knowledge and its source. its 1000 s of year old tradition in India… have a look at the below link

  14. Fucking hell!!!!!!!

  15. i agree with the workouts. but those are not pull-ups…call them what they are: kipping Pull-ups.

  16. What the fuck. You should teach him proper technique first lol, those pull ups nailed it.

  17. This man is doing swing ups not pull ups 💀

  18. CrossFit is a good way for average person out of shape or overweight to get in shape and fit, but I would only recommend that they not put a time on it and most importantly USE PROPER FORM!

  19. wow this looks like it can really jack your body the f*ck up…

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