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Meal Prep With Me: Healthy Breakfast, Snacks, Mains // Rachel Aust

I hope this helps you get some new food ideas 🙂

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Meal prep containers (white and black): Daiso

PO Box 12511 George Street,
Australia 4003

Can’t Take Our Love Away (Josh Woodward) // CC BY 4.0

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  1. What type of bowls were they?

  2. Aren't you on keto anymore?

  3. Find a woman like Rachel who take care of her man.

  4. How long does the chick peas and lentils cook

  5. Ana Clara Barreiros

    Yummy 😋

  6. You know that you shouldn't post chicken in a video about healthy food!
    It isn't healthy like, not at all
    1st If you are eating it because it's low fat, chicken is not low in fat. Light, skinless chicken has about 18 percent of calories from fat, and skinless roast dark meat chicken is 32 percent fat.
    2nd Boys listen up, it's contributing to erectile dysfunction in men, maybe you should – you know, just saying
    3rd Like all meat, chicken is permeated with inherent artery-clogging saturated fat similar to beef — similar because the cell membranes in all muscles, regardless of species, have cholesterol inside the membrane, about 25 milligrams per ounce. Cholesterol occurs mainly in the lean portions of meat. The saturated fat that permeates these portions raises cholesterol levels by stimulating the liver to make more cholesterol even though it's totally able to control the amount of cholesterol the body needs (another reason not to eat eggs, just saying)
    4th Antibiotics can weaken the human immune system as well as the immune systems of birds and other animals. This increases one’s susceptibility to food poisoning and other illnesses.
    And it's kinda scary how these antibiotics work over long time, in 2013 International Hatchery Practice started to do some research and found that “chickens with extra legs and wings, missing eyes and beak deformities “ can be found in practically every farm…

    I could carry on but… you all are intelligent human beings, you could research on your own why chicken is in the top 10 of sickening foods to proof me wrong or convince yourself otherwise or… just ignore me?

    Lots of love 😀
    Ps I luv good discussions so if you have to say some reasonable shit then do it here ;*

  7. How we can keep the box on a week?!

  8. coconut cream have alot of sugar right?

  9. Inspiring me!

  10. Brilliant!

  11. I love this its so easy! Please do more ❤❤❤❤❤

  12. This is THE best meal prep video I have ever seen ! And I’ve watch countless ! Where can I check macros and calories

  13. I thought Keto foods discouraged you from roots veggies? Aka carrots and potatoes …?

  14. Is that curry healthy though jw because of the coconut cream where do u buy that btw

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  16. Good video! I thought corn and rice are bad on keto?

  17. i liiike iiit

  18. Do you heat the oats or eat them cold?

  19. Which foods stored in the fridge could go bad

  20. Berenika Stachera

    How do you reheat the meals? In a microwave or on a pan??

  21. where did you get your containers?


  23. Where did you get all those containers?

  24. U doing great but you should add ingredients in description box

  25. What kind of coconut cream do you use, and is it considered healthy ?

  26. I will definitely try this meal prep idea. Thank you. The vegetarian curry looks delicious.

  27. This was so so helpful! Im always looking for new ideas to prep my meals! Thank you so much for posting 🙂

  28. hey Rachel just wondering if you could make a video dedicated to the qeto diet love you thanks

  29. This all looks great, but do you just eat it cold? Cold curry? Cold roast veg ?

  30. Thanks for the ideas! nice one!

  31. stab the bananas with the fork a bit before mashing them, makes it easier.

  32. Liked and subscribed! Definitely wanna see some more of these videos!

  33. Mary Jane Gutierrez

    Where did you buy your bento boxes

  34. What brand of coconut cream do you use?

  35. How can the food for soo long time be good?

  36. Are the recipes for these meals posted anywhere?

  37. Do you eat the breakfast oats cold straight out of the fridge or heat up? 😊

  38. This all looks so good 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  39. Can I really loose weight if I eat like that? it seems kinda alot to me.

  40. Love the recipe , but I don't like eat same meals more than 2 times constantly . Anyway I guess I can just mix the match lol

  41. Where do you get your containers for the food?
    Thank you 😊

  42. So inspired on every level. You should be damn proud of yourself. You are amazing on every level!!! We need more people like you.

  43. I don't feel good doing myself meal plans… I feel like I'll make mistakes or take more nutrients than I need or less… I preffer going to the nutricionist. And I believe they study more deeply the food, like maybe combinations that makes me feel more satsfied or foods that help my skin…

  44. love those containers. Where can I find?

  45. I really like how simple the recipes were. the chickpea curry and the protein bars are two I'd like to try myself

  46. Please, more such videos!!! Super! Thank you!

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