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Meal Prep: Healthy Breakfast Back To School Ideas! Mind Over Munch

Healthy breakfast ideas to use in your meal prep for the week! These easy breakfast recipes will help keep you on track all week! Healthy smoothie and oatmeal options that will keep you going all day!

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  2. "Life, within doors, has few pleasanter prospects than a neatly arranged and well – provisioned breakfast table." — Nathaniel Hawthorne, The House of the Seven Gables. 🍳🍞🍎🍇🍅🍓🍒

  3. Hi, how much of this muffins I can eat for breakfast?

  4. For the "baked oatmeal muffin" recipe, may I substitute with steel cut oats? Many thanks!

  5. She’s wearing silly bands and it brings back so many memories😂

  6. I’m a high school student, and I want to start my off with something healthy. Through most of my life, I haven’t really made breakfast, but I want to start. Do you have any similar recipes? Like, those 2-5 ingredient ones. Thanks!

  7. Something about your voice just makes me happy

  8. Thumbs up for grams!!!!

  9. Chen Hui Jun Abigail

    This is so good because I always late for school and I often skip breakfast

  10. what could I use instead of the bananas?

  11. new subie!love the vids 🙂 … hope to SEE moore 😉

  12. love the vid I never have time for breakfast so now I can make ahead

  13. Those muffins look so good I can't wait to try them out!

  14. I added a tablespoon of chia seeds in my baked oatmeal muffins last night and it really helped with the texture

  15. not to be weird, but ur voice is so cute! good vids too!

  16. gonna be starting an intense summer regime of classes. gonna need prepping like cray cray. my greatest gratitudes.

  17. Thank you! This is so helpful!

  18. Love the muffin recipe but is there something else I could sub for the bananas? I'm allergic. :/

  19. Do you think I'm a girl or boy by just looking at my name???

  20. How do you get the seeds out of your smoothies? I love making my own but I hate the seeds from the fruits 🙁

  21. I made the baked oatmeal yesterday-it's delicious! I baked it in a square pan, topped it with chopped pecans, and cut it into squares for the week. Thank you for the recipe!! <3

  22. Do you re-use the ziploc bags?

  23. Remember me? I've made watched almost all of your videos, and I've tried out SO many of your recipes, and have loved them ALL! Including the sweet potato toast (I put homemade almond butter and strawberries on mine though!), the 'healthified' Christmas/sugar cookies, the baked oatmeal muffins (I put fresh cranberries and almonds in mine – they're in the oven and smell awesome!), the under 2$ pancakes (which were surprisingly yummy for just a few ingredients!), the healthy pumpkin pie… maybe even a couple more; they all turned out delicious! And I plan to try more of them! You have definitely won me over (even though I was sold after the first video!) — Mind Over Munch is all I watch on youtube these days!
    Sorry for this SUPER long comment… But you deserve the praise!
    MERRY (early) CHRISTMAS!!!

  24. Julie-Laure Bernard

    Thumbs up for your videos, thumbs up for vegan options and thumbs up for grams! I never know how to convert the cups 🙂

  25. Omg you're the best at meal prep. I just Recently got mason jars and can't wait to start meal prepping. Quick question, what brand of oats you use? Thanks!

  26. I love this woman

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