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Lower Body HIIT for Strong Legs – Fitness Blender HIIT Man Workout

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  1. How can I keep my feet from hurting so bad during this? My soles of my feet are killing me. I would LOVE to keep going to burn out my legs but I can't get past the foot pain.

  2. This is my favorite part: WORKOUT COMPLETE

  3. hello…my lower body is fat but my upper body i very good…..i don't why but i want exercises to make it thin….i don't know about exercises…and my english is very bad….so i want to ask will these exercises help me…
    because yesterday i was watch a video and after i watched it and already did the exercises i found out that the exercises that i did was to make but more fat -_-….and i don't want that…i want the opposite
    please help

  4. how often should this be done…beginner

  5. I'm all sweaty and my legs are jello. Ya done good. Now on to some push ups and abs

  6. …I' ll be back

  7. I can't believe its done, I almost quit in the midle of the video.

  8. Can woman do this workout???



    Love it, on my way to get in shape.

  11. Good sweat. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I completed full workout it is insane too difficult

  13. was so tiring >_<

  14. less than 10 minutes in and I'm already deaddd.

  15. Hİ DİED 🙂 22:22

  16. Football Life#GREATNESS

    This was great felt the burn in my whole lower body.

  17. woo!Great workout! #sweatison

  18. Gosh, I struggled through the Jumping Jacks!!!

  19. That. Was rough.

  20. who else made it until the end? put a like!!

  21. love love love it…

  22. Alexander Rodriguez

    FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER!!!! I finally finished it without gasping for air!

  23. This one is a killer!

  24. I've done a lot of HIIT workouts on your channel and all of them were great. This one however was just too hard for me to do it effectively, the 1m30/30s format just dit not work for me.

    You should really put on warning signs on that one because it's way harder than your other workouts, I have just wasted my time on this one this morning.

  25. ggggggggggggggggggh

  26. Oldie, but definitely a goodie!!!

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