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Low Impact 30 minute cardio workout- Beginner/intermediate


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In this 30 minute cardio workout, I (Daniel) take you through a number of interval drills to raise your heart rate, burn calories and release those feel good hormones.

Comment below to let us know how you get on!

This low impact cardio workout includes a warm up and a cool down before and after the exercise routine, we advise you follow both for safety and best practise.

This beginner routine is in our cardio range – we also provide Personal Training (resistance), Pilates and Yoga workouts.

Enjoy the workout!

Exercise disclaimer –

As with any physical activity, before beginning any fitness regime, you must consult with your health care professional to ensure that you are mindful of your current health and any restrictions that are appropriate for you.

You should seek medical attention immediately if there are any unanticipated changes to your physical condition at any time.

None of the information contained within this Website or on our videos is intended to be used as medical advice and the Website is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition (including any mental health conditions) or for any therapeutic purposes.

Before relying on the information on this Website, it is your responsibility to carefully evaluate the accuracy and relevance of the information for their purposes and obtain appropriate professional medical advice.

Always consult a qualified medical professional if you have any questions concerning your medical condition or injury.

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  1. Koroko-chan Cơm

    how many calories get lost if I finish this video :(((

  2. I love love love this workout.. I have been doing it twice a day!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Great workout. I underestimated it at first, but I definitely paid for at the end!

  4. Omg! I love this workout I do it every morning! Thank you Daniel! You're amazing and very encouraging!

  5. My Dad and clients love your workout!!😂🎈🚲

  6. سيدة الالماس

    انا بديت اتمرن معاهم بس متى الاحظ ع جسمي اني نحفت

  7. how many calories does this burn?

  8. body project 덕분에 저는 2개월동안 10kg을 감량했고 천식과 비염, 그리고 면역력 저하로 인한 잦은 몸살 증상이 완화되었습니다. 정말 고맙습니다 ^ – ^)v

  9. Am I the only one who didn't get exhausted and didn't drink a single drop of water in between hahah
    Well m a wrestler too……and I consume 45 almonds a day

  10. Plis body proj,,soy d Argentina y me gusta esta rutina pero quisiera saber q partes del cuerpo trabajas especificamnte con estoss ejercicios,no entiendo mucho ingles,si pudieran decirme,pliss👏

  11. Am kinda over weight and i have started working out and i find it boosting my confidence and makes Me stronger. I have only recently started it and it been two week. I can already see some small changes that only i would notice. Though I am confused. Should I use weight lifts too? I dont wanna build muscle I want to be fit and toned. But I am wondering will this be enough or is lifting weights important too? Help

  12. how many claories i lost when i do this workout

  13. Yeah Body Project!!! You're the start of every morning!!! 4 Years later, I'm working out again! Thanks for for the low impact videos and all the encouragement throughout the videos.

  14. I am 15 years old and I had a horrible experience when I was 13 and I went to food for help. I am currently almost at 200 pounds and I just started this workout because one of my friends sent me a photo of me and her at a party and that’s when I noticed I have to make a change so now I exercise for help and I found that that really helped 😊

  15. i burned 248kcal👻

  16. Linda Helena Bodi

    Daniel! It's a pleasure working out with you everyday! <3 PS – You are really good-looking! 😉

  17. Check out Yogacycled. Yoga wear with a conscience.

  18. Phanic! at the jaspar parade ft. tøp

    if anyone is reading this, trust me you can make it to the end. i almost gave up and had 1-2 breaks (i thought i'd die) but i didn't stop and i am so proud of myself. stay strong!

  19. My dog came and started licking me and whining after i got done with this workout. Pretty sure she thought i was dying. Which i was.

  20. I just found this video 3 days ago and already it's helping with endurance. I see some of the comments below are from 2 or more years. I would like to know how everyone is doing now.

  21. What a great workout to get people on the right track.


  23. my motivation for working out has always been really low. Running is the absolute last thing I want to do because it was just pure torture on my shins, knees, and hips. I've just finished my first session and I'm sweating much more now than whenever I ran. Today marks the first day of my body project!

  24. Very low impact cardio but make me sweat so much. This workout is the best for beginner like me ❤️❤️❤️

  25. This guy is so passionate! WOW WHAT A CHEERLEADER! Good for him!

  26. Thank you team body project, I lost a lot of weight in 1 week. Keep up the good work.

  27. Who’s the blonde? Are there other videos with her in it? I lost quite a bit of weight and now I have the same shape as she does. I like her pace in this video too

  28. الله يعين بس😭😢

  29. How many calories do you think this workout burns?

  30. Natchuda Sonsiwa

    Thanks for your teaching. I love it .

  31. the best workout for me and i love it thank u

  32. Shantell Mckethan

    I did the 45sec squat pulses without stopping today. it's going on 3 weeks and I love this workout.. it's an awesome start for someone like me who's out of shape with knee and ankle pain. 🤗

  33. Daniel! Alex! I just found this video about two weeks ago and am hooked! You are so inspirational and motivating. I've tried the other videos and am happy to see there is more that can progress with my body project. Thank you for this amazing series!

  34. Dong jin Lanthier

    Perfect one for my foot injury workout , love it , plz upload more . Thank you .

  35. Can anyone tell me which is better? With or without equipment for workout. and why?

  36. can anyone tell me what version of 9pm (till i come) plays at 9:50 ?

  37. This is great! I have asthma, I'm strong but I have horrible endurance, I can never do cardio or I start coughing a ton. This is perfect, it wasn't to hard but it was hard enough!

  38. พีทา โกรัส

    ผมทำตามคลิปนี้ ทุกวัน น้ำหนักคงที่มาตลอด ติดต่อ 3ปีแล้วครับ

  39. hey if you want to step up your work out and have amazing results. Check out this product. I've done it. It's amazing!!

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