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Low-Calorie Waffle Recipe : Lose Weight by Eating

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Low-calorie waffles are a great treat to make for people who love breakfast but want to eat healthy. Get a low-calorie waffle recipe with help from the founder of Lose Weight by Eating in this free video clip.

Expert: Audrey Johns
Contact: www.loseweightbyeating.com
Bio: Audrey Johns is a weight loss guru who lost 150 pounds in 11 months by cooking and eating real food, and not by demonizing it.
Filmmaker: James Tucker

Series Description: Just because you want to lose weight doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating. Lose weight by eating with help from the founder of Lose Weight by Eating in this free video series.

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  1. You never said what the calories and the measurements. Was useless video

  2. nice recipe

    and holy shit you looking nice but why you hv to look like a pornstare and pump the long staff like a d

    while im on not fapping 😂

  3. right, i have made these now, i substituted the sugar for xylitol , the flour for gluten free flour blend and had to add a bit more water. it made 9 rectangle waffles and the calorie count is 123 kcal per waffle, taste wise they taste like french toast rather than waffles and they are really chewy , they rise nicely but become floppy when cold due to the lack of butter, i hope this helps.

  4. I made it.. But I switched up the baby food for mashed banana and I still had to add some milk to it! And I think the 2 tablespoons are too much!

  5. Those honestly look like cardboard

  6. Its still surprises me, just how lot of people don't know about Fenoboci Diet Plan, even though many people get great results with it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Fenoboci Diet Plan, I've lost lots of weight by using it without starving myself.

  7. What is the calorie count on this?

  8. What cam i use instead of bang food ?

  9. Would it mess up the recipe to only use egg whites?

  10. Good video, thank you. I'd really like to see the nutritional information (calories, carbs, fat, etc) if you have it.

  11. is it ok if i add in a scoop of protein powder in it?

  12. what are the calories on this?

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