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Lose belly fat with insane workout|Abs and Cardio Fat Loss Workout

This cardio and abs workout shows you a great way on how to lose your belly fat and gain ripped abs. The shortcut to six pack abs! Great workout for both women and men.

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  2. Excellent sir thanks you

  3. is this work for 14 years boy?

  4. I loke 6pack

  5. Hey mate i will try to do this man i hope i can get my abs soon

  6. I love this and I lose 21 kg weight of my body super

  7. Wow this workout is hard!

  8. I will start tomorrow the exercises .And I want someone to mark that date and call me after 1 year

  9. I'm 63 kilos kid 11 years old find me in Facebook jap sangalang

  10. 2 minites

  11. love you dude. …great help yrr

  12. I got motivation, i'll start.

  13. what diet could be used under this juncture?

  14. Thanks a lot for your education

  15. Thanks a lot for your education

  16. Thanks

  17. Very Nice

  18. My birthday is in 3 to 4 weeks I wanna see if I can lose weight before my birthday

  19. body k right or left side different hai jaise k right side 20 hai to left 18/19 ka size ka hai chest.lets or basef to same karne ka kuch upaye

  20. by this workout in how many months I can loose 25 kg
    plz reply as soon as possible

  21. thanks I well try

  22. Will begin tomorrow. im hyped for this. i will try to get on it. 1 month straight is my objective. lets go

  23. thank s dude

  24. I will try it and report back in 2 weeks if I see changes

  25. supper

  26. I don't like most foods how can I get a six pack?

  27. good man thanks

  28. What about what you eat? Eating too much carbs will make these exercises ineffective. Thanks for sharing though.

  29. now i am start.

  30. Awesome content!

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  32. thank

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  34. We do all the exercises each for a minute every day?

  35. Dam good video! Inspiration for my own videos (:

  36. Bikini Academy Berlin

    Great content, thanks for sharing!

  37. thank you, <will be practicing> to loose fat

  38. so why didnt you upload in such a long time, your workout is great, set up should be in a gym though

  39. How many time a week shld all these training be done?

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