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Lose 3 Kgs in a Week with Chia Pudding | Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

Lose 3 Kgs in 1 Week with Chocolate Chia Pudding | Healthy Breakfast Recipes or Ideas for Breakfast | Easy Weight Loss Breakfast Recipe which can be made in 2-3 mInutes | Enjoy this delicious healthy Chia Protein Pudding recipe and lose weight fast. Lose 3kgs in 7 Days
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This recipe can be enjoyed as a dessert too.
People who have a sweet tooth, can also take this after a light dinner.
For Weight Loss, replace your breakfast with this sumptuous and filling pudding and follow a healthy low calorie diet for the rest of the day

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  1. Can i use coconut milk?

  2. madam if don't have Mango what to do

  3. Can we make this pudding with soy milk…( PCOs patient)

  4. Plzzz do Rply me Vickey as I m in ur egg diet

  5. Can u pĺzz tell me that can I replace oatmeal in egg diet with dis pudding or can I take alternativly

  6. I don't have cocoa powder 🙁 please suggest an alternative

  7. 1. Add 1 ts unsweetened cocoa powder and 2 ts of chia seeds
    2. Add 1 ts of honey cinnamon
    3. Add half cup non fat milk
    4. Stir well and refrigerate foe 4 hours or overnight
    5. Top with few mango cubes

  8. Hi can I eat this pudding in the morning

  9. Jimin’s wife, Jihoon’s girl Cream

    it looks delicious Y_Y

  10. It surely works 🙂
    Its my day 2 and ive already lost 1kg Alhumdulilah. ❤

    Thankyou versatile vicky. 😊

  11. Can you please tell that roughly how much calories does this contains? actually I want to lose 15 kgs in 1 mont h and I was thinking to mix it up with the 1 dollar meal plan as a replacement in breakfast

  12. mridula ranganathan

    Hi Vicky I love all your recipes and your voice is too good.Can I use apple or banana instead of mango pieces in this recipe ..will it have the same effect for weight loss…

  13. we don't have cinnamon honey here can we use honey and some cinnamon..or maple syrup?

  14. this is awesome I wanna try this

  15. Taniyaarman Arman

    Lovely lovely…its delicious. .Thank u so much for this yummy breakfast ..so was ur prune aots tasted yummy..
    I drink chai water in morning as u said ..so can v use this much amount in same day ??

  16. won't honey cause weigh gain because once it did for me. please advise

  17. Is it necessary to refrigerate? I mean is it okay if i keep at normal room temperature overnight?
    Recipe looks delicious for low calorie diet. Thank you.

  18. Hi dear. could plz tell me if we can have this during pregancy?? ?

  19. Hi.. should it be refrigerated and then only we can use it or it can be kept in room temp as well overnight?!

  20. hello vicky. i like all your videos . could u plz tell me that we can eat this pudding in breakfast. what about lunch and dinner? how we can lose 3kg. plz suggest something for lunch and dinner with this pudding . thanks

  21. I am having it right now, pretty good although it tasted a bit bitter in the beginning. I did not have cinnamon honey, so I added them separately.

  22. Hi. Instead of chia seeds, can I use Basil Seeds

  23. ur voice is more sweeter than honey and more healthier than ur diet…really u r a precious gift to me and many people who seems for a good life and healthy life..thank u my dear for these wonderfull diet plans u gave us like a gifts.soo much love from south indian girl srawanthie..luv u

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