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Kickboxing Workout!! Full Body Cardio Weight Loss for Beginners, How to Kick Box & Burn Fat!

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Kickboxing Workout! Full Body Cardio Weight Loss for Beginners, Trim Tone Legs & Glutes, Learn to Kickbox Part 1

This is quick 14 minute workout is Part 1 of Tiffany’s Kickboxing series! In this video, you were learn the correct kickboxing techniques to get you ready for the upcoming videos. Great for beginners!

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  2. Why you turn with the leg straight..?It's like a lunge movement in Kick box..

  3. Great video.

  4. But I Cannot Be Bothered

    I can't even do the boxers shuffle lmao how pathetic is that

  5. Thanks was looking for something like this to learn

  6. Pauline Grenoble

    Terrible the video get blocked every 5 minutes, it's not my internet connection, because happens only with this video!

  7. She is a super cutie!!!

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  9. Such a cutie!

  10. Do you even lift, brah?


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  12. I would be excited down there if she attacked me.

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  14. ugh what kind of piercing is that

  15. She's so darn cute!!!!

  16. that was adorable :3

  17. YAY!!!! Been waiting for this from you! Thank you so much Tiffany for this kickboxing series! Looking forward to working out with these videos.

  18. It is nice workout but it is not kickbox. Presented kickbox technique is really bad – guard, movement, punches, kicks – every aspect of it.

  19. Kick me whenever you want.

  20. This workout will be great with my weighted gloves. I may have to invest in some light ankle weights now. I needed something different to do at home, but I never thought about kick boxing. Thanks a lot!

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