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Ketogenic Diet Recipe Biscotti

A lovely biscotti recipe from Vitaflo’s modified ketogenic recipes. Is lovely with a ketogenic coffee. Each biscotti only contains 0.5g of carbohydrate.

For more information please visit our dedicated website for the ketogenic diet: https://www.myketogenicdiet.co.uk/recipes/biscotti/

Always check with your Dietitian what is suitable you for you.

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  1. Hello. Low carb baking powder? One tablespoon of regular baking powder only has 4 grams of carbs….http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calories/generic-baking-powder-1-tbsp-166561743

  2. Thanks Andrew for your query. In answer to this, the idea is that you will break the egg and mix the contents eg beat the white and yolk together. Then you would weigh out 40g of the beaten egg. Our recipes are developed to help those using the diet for medical reasons and in this instance the recipes are very specific, which is why we weigh to the nearest gram rather than whole units. Hope his helps.

  3. Andrew Rounseville

    Thanks for the video. One suggestion, whole eggs are usually measured as units… add 1 egg. 40 Grams? Is the idea to crack an egg and weight the contents?

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