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Keto Diet Challenge Week#1 – Mussel Soup Recipe Mukbang and more | KEEMI★

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  1. Matt stoney would wreck all them mussels

  2. I’ve done this diet for 3 months and lost 30 pounds

  3. Jazmyn Van Rensalier

    i was just watching this like wow nice diet ok and then i got a commercial explaining what a keto diet is

    im shook

  4. Oh man i dont like eating green lip mussels anymore i like the normal mussel like keemi's mussel cuz my dad always buy a green lip mussel im tired of the taste of the green lip mussel

  5. Stupid..stop talking just eat..coz I don't have a time for your stupid story

  6. So long before it start eating

  7. Can you pls tell me what hair products Keemi was talking about? Thx

  8. Natalia Lestrange

    She only ate the mussels…..what kind of diet is that.

  9. He was genuinely waiting for your permission I LOVE DOGS SO MUCH OMG 😭 ❤️

  10. Muscles are my fave 😍😍 seafood in general I could eat all day every day

  11. لحظة الي عربي لايك

  12. الله يسعدك زي ما اسعتيني

  13. Only salt and herbs wow

  14. I want to try this diet but I need to do a different type of diet for health so I can't try this right now ;-;

  15. Princess _Essence

    Anybody Else likes When The camera Fogs Up.


  17. Mussle is my fav seafood too 😍


  19. Eh.. Ketogenic diet is low carb, moderate protein and high fats. The amount of mussels you had is way beyond moderate zone. Too much amino acids in the body will still be converted into glucose which the process is called gluconeogenesis.

  20. Catherine Sullivan

    Keemi i love you and your videos! I was so surprised and excited to see you are starting keto and will hopefully make yummy recipes i loooove asian food and need some good ideas to make yummy Asian flavors keto. I went keto in January, so far i'v lost 23lbs! i wish you luck with it and i really can't wait to see what you make!

  21. No rice or noodles for a month?? Don't think you'll make it Keemi

  22. You can replace rice with cauliflower rice, and noodles with shirataki noodles! 😊

  23. I'm not a fan of mussels but you make them look delicious

  24. Omfg ! Keemi just eat.

  25. A really good drink for people on this diet is apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and carbonated water. Like half a lemon, two capfuls of the vinegar, and a tall glass of water. It will help break down the cholesterol and it's also just really good

  26. Colorado? Do you live here?

  27. Do vegan for a month! 🌱🌸🌼🌻🌷

  28. Your diet might be low on carbs but its so high on cholesterol

  29. If you really want results? Diet is a way of life not just a 30 or 8 weeks. Proper exercise and balance food is a great way to loose weight and keep weight you loose. Its hard because you do alot of mukbangs but if you want to loose weight make sure you cut down your sodium intake, find your caloric deficit with your weight right now and walking running, climbing, or cardio is great. Also the most important thing is to drink 1 gallon of water per day. And so on an so forth.

  30. Yah you are going keto. I am so excited. I am on keto. I lost over 40 lbs. I love your mukbang but was bum when I went on keto but now you are on keto. I am like so excited.

  31. Good luck with your Diet i hope you get some good results

  32. KETO diet seems lax, but I swear it is one hard diet when you love RICE, NOODLES. BREAD. Carb life is everything!!!!

  33. Here comes the VEGANS!!!!!! LOL no really I’ve been on keto for a month and 1/2. I have soooooo much energy and my clarity is on point. I’m on my feet all day and used to complain about feet hurting and restless legs at night. Not now! I sleep so good! My skin is cleared. I don’t get sleepy during the day- I mean I could keep going! If you do keto right and do your research you will not only lose weight but overall feel better.

  34. Mussels has a lot of carbs

  35. Mussels have carbs! I cup is 7 g carbs. And you ate a bucket load of mussels…haha..

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