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Keto Cinnamon Ricotta Cake | Nut Free Dessert

Keto Cinnamon Ricotta Cake | Nut Free Dessert
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Keto Cinnamon Ricotta Cake | Nut Free Dessert
Keto Cinnamon Ricotta Cake | Nut Free Dessert

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  1. Loved the new term “stickage”! Def gonna use that. 😜

  2. Does this cake need to be refrigerated or can it stay out on the counter covered for a few days?

  3. ok….so printed out this recipe because I thought it would be a great addition to my Keto way of eating……gathered all the ingredients……put the wet stuff in one bowl and the dry in another….mixed them….into the oven…..nd that was when I saw the butter still sitting on the bench!! Long story short….it was still GREAT!
    Next time I will add the butter though….so it will be even better. coconut flour doesn't spike my blood sugars like Almond flour does. Thanks for what you do guys.

  4. Okay i just made it…and added a bit of orange rind and crushed walnuts

  5. I grew up having boiled custard and angel food cake together… The yolks went in the custard, the whites went in the cake. Absolutely wonderful combo, though not one I've tried to make keto yet.

  6. YUM!!! Making this tonight! I have some Ricotta I need to use up. THanks for idea 😀

  7. The Keto couple!

  8. Yum! How would you make cream cheese frosting?

  9. I made this today and it turned out great, this is so good, great with my matcha tea. Thank you!

  10. Try adding almond extract, amaretto,or even coffee liqueur.

  11. What's the carbs per serving? How big is the serving size?

  12. I love your dessert recipes. This cake is in the oven as I'm typing this. Cant wait til its done so I can shovel it into my mouth. Haha! 🤗

  13. What size pan did you end up using Megha? It looks perfect, would love to get the same end result! Thinking 6 or 7 inch pan.

  14. would this be ok to eat on keto while working to lose weight or is this only acceptable once you're in maintenance? i assume you guys are in maintenance

  15. #Winning = having all ingredients to this recipe on hand – AND I DID! Getting my butter to room temp riiiiiiiiight NOW!

  16. Without cinnamon, could be any occasion Keto cake! They make white chocolate extract,cupcake extract, birthday cake extract etc at baking supplies stores!

  17. This looks great. I'm going to try it with almond flour though because I'm allergic to coconut.

  18. Made these into 12 cupcakes! Ahh so good!! I put cream cheese frosting on top and used pumpkin pie spice in the cake 🤤🤤 thank you for the recipe!

  19. Love you two!! Thank you so so much for all you two do!!

  20. LoL, i HATE angel food cake too!!!

    I'm so excited to make this for my husband, he wants a low sugar/carb pumpkin pie, I think this will do the trick!! Thanks!!😍

  21. Aha NO!
    To the licking of children’s booger fingers 😐
    Your cake was dense and delicious in a totally moist kind of way.

  22. Cristina HutchinsonAdventures

    How much is 8 tbsp of butter in grams please ? 🙂

  23. Aaaaaaaaaarghhhh, the eggshell got mixed in! 1:42

  24. Could this be flipped to a carrot cake version?

  25. I feel like megha wears her jammies 24/7 lol.

  26. I love you guys! Megha you always have me in stitches….I'm sure the kids can lick their own fingers lol…I'm new in the life and not much of a cook but I've tried several of you guys' recipes and have been impressed at my end products….that's a testament to your artistry cuz my cooking skills are abysmal!! Megha, every time I'm make that butter chicken and garlic naan, I feel like I just went to a restaurant in my own kitchen. Anyway, I'm rambling! Thanks guys for all the tips and recipes!

  27. We tried this tonight after we made the Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Thighs for dinner. Yum, yum,yum. Both were very good. For some reason I thought the chicken would be a little spicy, but it wasn’t. We did add chopped walnuts to the cake, very nice suggestion. We are thinking of adding Keto whipped topping to the cake 😊 tomorrow night.

  28. You wouldn't eat desserts with ricotta until this cake? Like not even a cannoli?!?! Weird

  29. i thought coconut oil was one to avoid?

  30. So glad I gave up deserts many years ago. I am all about proteins, fats and low carb veggies. Honestly, a well done low carb vegetable dish tastes sweet to me these days. Can you experiment with more veggie recipes? BTW I love your tortilla recipe.

  31. Could you use a keto cream cheese frosting on this? Cinnamon or maple flavor for the Autumn?

  32. No frosting. Looks perfect as is

  33. Question about the coconut flour. I find myself shying away from desserts that use coconut flour because the entire dish ends up tasting like coconut. Don’t get me wrong, I love coconut. But when I’m making certain dishes (chocolate peanut butter cake, I’m looking at you), I don’t want it to taste like coconut. Is there anything I can do, other than substituting a different flour, to mask the coconut flavor?

  34. Perfect. I'm gonna make it for my birthday tomorrow. Thank you. I looked for your book at my Costco and they didn't have it. I'm so bummed.

  35. I must figure out a way to make this a pumpkin cake! Maybe 1/2 ricotta, 1/2 pumpkin and some pumpkin pie spice?

  36. Can you substitute almond flour for the coconut flour? Thx!

  37. Damn I've not had any sweets in 2 months.

  38. You obviously don’t have kids. They have the dirtiest hands and fingers. Lol. 😂


    Triggered? Fight me.

  40. I just went to Wally stupid world, they had this cup of cake deal from one of the cake mix people, for one cup it was are u ready 60gr. Sugar, I forgot the carbs. But it was out of this world crazy stats. Might as well use reg. Cake mix

  41. No, it's not ok to lick kids fingers…lmao…its weird…lmao

  42. That looks wonderful! I like cake but always have scraped frosting off because it was too sweet….long before Keto….so I would love this as is.

  43. Looks good. I would top it with Matt's keto fluff dessert with added cinnamon

  44. this is so stupid, just dont eat cake…

  45. Looks good! Are you guys in a new house? Love the kitchen!

  46. Omg looks amazing!

  47. Stephanie Y Anderson

    I must make this cake.🙄

  48. Why does megaha look like my 60 year old aunt.

  49. Looks so yummy!

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